Nero 5 Hangs

  iced_ms 17:51 04 Apr 2004

Hi hope someone can help:)

I'm using Nero 5. I won't be able to describe how the problem happened cause the kids use the burner as much as i do.
When i attempt to burn an ISO or an audio cd everything is find till when it wants the cd to write to. The cdwriter bay ejects as if there wasn't a cd in it.... which there is..... and when i reload it the program just hangs.
I can write and image copy to the hard drive but it wont let me write it to disc.
Any ideas... all help much appreciated.

I have downloaded and run the latest update for Nero 5 but no difference :)

  thedarkside 20:32 04 Apr 2004

Something would seem to have benn changed wihtout your knowing!
If you are using XP, a system restore would cancel out any unknown changes made. If you can establish when the problem began, restore to a day before it.

  iced_ms 18:12 05 Apr 2004

Hi TheDarkSide

Sorry should have stated that shouldn't i.... i'm running windows 98. I'm just about to reinstall that and see what happens.

  iced_ms 20:11 16 May 2004

Thought i would just post back.... I don't see the front of the computer from the desk, (that's me trying to explain i'm not completely bonkers) and on watching PROPERLY when loading the blank CD i saw the activity light on the front of the burner wasn't flickering.
I inserted the same CD and then after a couple of goes it worked. I still have the same problem so i'm now guessing it's hardware and the burner is probably on its way out.... what do you think? :)

  TommyRed 20:50 16 May 2004

Make Sure your Nero has the latest updates click here Nero 5 is up to 5.048 . This had caused me problems with version 5.5 HTH TR.

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