Bun 16:10 29 Sep 2005

Hi Gang
I'm using Nero5.5.7.8. I have a CD of dance music which runs one track slightly into the next. Is there a way when copying to a new CD to imitate the music as on the disc instead of having a gap between tracks?

  Confab 16:17 29 Sep 2005

Yes you can set the gap on each track from 0 seconds to whatever you want. I'm in the office at the mo but if no one answers before I get home I'll post how to do it.

  Yoda Knight 16:27 29 Sep 2005

Just do a disk copy instead of the individual tracks

  plsndrs3 16:48 29 Sep 2005

This is how I do it:

Just before you burn the disk [after having listed the files in the right hand pane] highlight all lines - easiest way highlight the first line then highlight the last line whilst holding down 'Ctrl' and the shift button]. Right-Click on the highlighted items, choose properties and there is a tab for spacing - set to whatever delay you want/need between the tracks.



  pj123 16:56 29 Sep 2005

Could I suggest that you come up to date and get the latest version?

First of all you will need to buy a Nero version 6xxx. But that can be got from click here

scroll down and check out the £3.49 version plus postage. Once you have version 6 you can update it from the Nero website click here to the latest version for free. You will need to download (at least) Package 1 and Package 2 but be aware these are both about 35mb each

  CHAIRLEG 17:18 29 Sep 2005


  Stuartli 17:27 29 Sep 2005

Or even the final version of Nero 5.5 ( if just being used for CD-Rs.

  Supertramp 19:06 29 Sep 2005

In Nero, even in the latest version, you can have zero spacing on all after track 2 but not between track 1 & 2. The latter must be at least 2 seconds, this is a pain in some cases and I wish they would fix this.

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