yellows 23:25 05 Mar 2005

i have been told you can make nero think you are using a higher capacity disk then yu really are. Please can anyone tell me how to do this?

  Totally-braindead 01:05 06 Mar 2005

Would you be talking about a Virtual Drive, this doesn't seem to be what you're describing though. A Virtual Drive makes part of the hard drive seem to be another CD rom drive, as an example you can use it to transfer all info on a game cdrom and then not have to put the cdrom in the drive to use the program. I'm sure it does more but to be honest I've never used it so have very little knowledge of what it can actually be used for, but I would imagine it can do more than what I've suggested. If its something else you require perhaps you could say what your problem is and what you are trying to do. If its more disk space you're requiring then buying a new drive is by far the simplest solution and they are easy to fit and really quite cheap, typically £40 or so for a 80 Gig drive.

  Totally-braindead 01:07 06 Mar 2005

Wait a minute just had a think about your post. I know what you mean now. Its called overburning. bvasically you burn more info onto the disk than its capacity says it will take. Is this what you want info on?

  TomJerry 01:08 06 Mar 2005

you can download from Nero and overburn on CD, but you can only do this if your CD writer support it and blank CD up for it. It only works for Cd, not DVD

  hugh-265156 02:15 06 Mar 2005

if your drive supports it open nero and click:

'file/preferences/expert features' then tick either/both 'enable disc at once cd overburning' and 'enable dvd overburning'

You can maybe squeeze a one or two mins extra on the average cdr disc so I am told (never tried it) depends on disc and recorder. DVD I am not sure about at all sorry.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:32 06 Mar 2005

You need to go to your drive manufacturers web site and see if your drive will support overburning....TT

  yellows 12:01 06 Mar 2005

thanks to everyone for your help.

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