woofwoofbark 12:26 24 Jun 2004

Does anyone use the Nero program for burning audio cd's ? I got hold of the program .. lemme try and explain this as best I can .... I have a car stereo that plays compressed audio files plus it has cd text built in ( allows you to view album name , track name , artist name , bitrate plus genre -- style of music i.e. pop/punk/country ect..) I have added the text to all the songs I want to burn but when I add them to the nero express it lists them in alphabetical order of the track name ??? and theres no way I can change them to the order that I want to burn them ... does anyone know how too ? i tried dragging them but a black circle with i vertical line appears and doesnt allow me too .. plus there isnt an option when I right click on a song ... I know Window's Media Player allows that , but WMP doesnt burn the songs as compressed and doesnt add the cd text when I burned a cd through it ... I practised burning a cd through nero and all was good all files were compressed and had the cd text but were in alphabetical order ....

any advice or help would be much appreciated



  Hyperangelic 12:28 24 Jun 2004

Can you number the tracks to get the order you want?

I manually re-order the tracks in the selection window prior to hitting Burn in Nero.

Haven't tried prefixing tracks with a number.... will give it a go next time.

  woofwoofbark 13:40 24 Jun 2004

I'll try that , cheers ...

I try adding one song at a time but they all end up in alphabetical order once again ??? grr


  Simsy 13:54 24 Jun 2004

you are creating a Data CD rather than an Audio CD.

You mention "compressed audio files"... if it is an Audio CD then the audio files wont be compressed.... if the files are compressed, (eg mp3s), then it is a DATA CD.

I hope this helps.. apologies if it doesn't.



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