hatchey 12:22 29 Feb 2004

every time i try to write a cd with nero it save,s it as an image file insted of writeing to cd.

  User-312386 12:27 29 Feb 2004

use the wizard or switch to nero express

which nero are you using? nero 5 or nero 6?

  hatchey 12:47 29 Feb 2004

im using ver5 ive tryed express and wizard it still save to hd insted of writeing

  Stuartli 13:51 29 Feb 2004

If you use the image file method of copying (the best method normally) and have checked Delete image file after copying, then it will be deleted from your HDD.

Using this method does mean that a portion of the HDD gets used quite a lot so it's worth doing a regular defrag.

  leo49 13:57 29 Feb 2004

Check under the Recorder/Choose Recorder tab along the top bar - make sure your CDRW drive is listed and highlighted.

  wobblymike 13:58 29 Feb 2004

Another thought worth considering is as follows:

call up your Nero programme as if you were going to burn a CD - is the ident of your CD Writer showing in the bottom right hand corner of the box?

If not this is your problem - if this is the case the problem could be that the software you have loaded is not specified for your drive. If you check this out and if it is the case post back and I will talk you through a resolution.


  hatchey 13:59 29 Feb 2004

my cdrw is not there just says image recorder virtual device

  wobblymike 14:04 29 Feb 2004

ok this means that the software you have loaded is an OEM version which will only work with the CDRW with which it was originally bundled.

The solution is either:

1. Get a generic version of NERO with its own code - you can buy them quite cheaply on e bay


2. Find out the 24 digit code for your version of NERO - you can get this from the registry - then go to the NERO website and obtain an unlock code from them which will unlock your version of NERO.


3. Load the version of NERO that came with your CDRW (assuming of course you had one with it - which I guess you may well not have done)

Post back if you need any more help


  hatchey 14:12 29 Feb 2004

my nero 5.5 came with my pc which is just a few months old .but the dvd/cd writer broke and they replaced it with a different model.

  wobblymike 14:15 29 Feb 2004

There's your problem - if its only a few months old I reckon it must be worth an ask to whoever provided it to provide you with a new copy of NERO while you're at it why not get NERO 6 ITS VERY GOOD.


  Chaz2003 14:29 29 Feb 2004

Hi i had the same problem aswell you only have one choice and that is for it to save it as an image file only if you only have one cd drive. If you have two drive for example a CdRW Drive and a DVD drive or a CDRW and a CD Drive then put a blank disc into CDRW Drive and the thing you wish to cpy into the other drive. After you have done this click on nero express go to copie CD then for the source drive make it the drive that the CD is in that is being copied. The the destination drive is the CRRW drive with the blank disc in it. After you have done this in the middle of the same window is should say Quick Copie with a wee box beside it make sure that this is ticked the select the number of copies you require to be burned and the click burn. (Some Games are copywrite and can not be copied just incase this is what you are trying to copy).

Hope this helps you


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