"Neightbours" Network loads up on default(wireless

  KorgY 12:07 02 Sep 2008


Everytime i start my pc up, my wireless connection always picks up a neighbouring signal - even though it is "weaker" than mine (40% versus about 70% on mine)

I get "connected to Joe bloggs is succesfull", but it is only after i rescan, that i am able to get on my own router,network.

I have a Buffalo-G network (USB) adapter on a desktop, but sometimes does it on my other desktop too (netgear Adapter)The router is a Belkin.

Just wondering why this happens, and if i could delete the "joe bloggs" from mmy connection - or something.

Peeeps with unsecure connections... i don't know:)


  ambra4 02:28 03 Sep 2008

By default most wireless router come set-up with the manufacture name as the SSID address 3Com, Linksys, Belkin etc,

Change the SSID address to a name you want to give your Wireless Network, 452john06 /

ezyclip01 etc which would allow you to easily identify your network

You should also change the Wireless Channel # the default is normally Channel 11 which most

persons uses so change it to 8 this will save you having interferences and low signal quality from

other network close by using channel 11

Set up the security system

click here

Copy and paste the information into notepad, SSID name, Channel No, Security Code, Password,

Key, and save on the desktop

Copy the notepad file to a flash drive as the same SSID name and Channel # and Security Code,

Password, Key, must be used on All wireless device when setting then up to access your wireless


Connect flash drive to laptop and copy notepad file to laptop desktop

Enable wireless card and scan for wireless networks, select your network SSID name and click


A display will request the security code, password, key, which you copy and paste from the

notepad file once the code is accepted you should be able to access the internet.

Do a second wireless network scan if there is other Neighbours network showing right click on

them and click Exclude

  KorgY 13:28 03 Sep 2008

Thanks. Sorted it out by changing the channel, had my owd SSID and deleted the other one.


  ambra4 13:31 03 Sep 2008

Glad to hear all working

Tick the box and click resolved


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