misters 21:58 28 Mar 2003

Just wondering if i scan some old negatives into my pc, is there some software the could put them into there original photo.
thanx in advance

  hamelin 22:11 28 Mar 2003

I trust that you will be using a transparency adapter of some kind? If so, you should find that there will be a tool within the software to perform this for you. Alternativly, you should be able to "invert" your image in your image editing software.

  Wilham 22:23 28 Mar 2003

To reverse go to windows Paint, select Image, then click Invert Colours.
You can't direct scan with reflected light. You need backlight, use digital camera, or make up a pyramid copier to work on the top of a flat-bed scanner. I think there are DIY designs for these on the web. Light from the scan bounces off inside of pyramid to go through the film/slide/neg.

  misters 14:04 29 Mar 2003

So what i reall y need is some sort of hardware to perfrom this task.
I thought i could just maybe use my ordinary scanner with some kind of software, no?

  Pesala 15:44 29 Mar 2003

click here for instructions on making a light box that will enable you to scan tranparencies.

My advice would be to buy a proper adapter for your scanner, or sell it and buy a new photo scanner with built in adapter.

It depends on how much you are willing to spend, how old your current scanner is, and how often you are going to want to scan transparencies.

The DIY approach may work, if you are the arts and crafts type of person, and follow the intructions carefully. It will cost pennies rather than pounds.

  Peter 16:02 29 Mar 2003


Once you have scanned your negative and used your editing software to invert it into a positive you will probably find that it looks a bit "flat". You can improve it by adjusting the brightness and contrast, but the gamma control, set to around 15%, usually brings about the biggest improvement.

Using a flatbed scanner with some sort of lighting above the negative (transparency adapter or pyramid light box) will produce some results, but for high quality (high resolution) a film scanner is best. 1800 dpi film scanners can be purchased for about £120.


  misters 16:22 29 Mar 2003

Interesting website Pesala, but i think i will go the more conventional way and just purchase the adpter.
Cheers anyway.

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