Negative scanner has stopped PC dead help please,

  bof:) 19:22 23 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I was asked to a friends house to put their negative scanner onto their PC.

The Pc is using windowsME and the negative scanner is a JS21 JENOPTIK.

The first problem I found was that the cd-rom for the program was scratched and when it installed the program it said:

'program may not work because some files were not installed'.

It was also for a Win95 operating system. 'No worries' I thought...winME is backwards compatable and I can get drivers from the website at:

click here

(you have to go to the German page and the scanner drivers are halfway down the page)

This was given to me by the Jenoptik technical support line.

They also mentioned that you had to alter the serial port in the bios from SSP to EPP & ECP for the scanner to work.

When I altered the bios settings a box came up saying 'updating hardware' but froze at 0%. When I pressed ctrl+Alt+Del it said not responding.

We unplugged scanner turned off pc and restarted it, again it froze at 'updating hardware box'.

So I reset Bios and PC booted up ok. Great I thought.

Then I plugged scanner in both turned off and on and both times the PC froze at updating hardware.

Out of desperation we contacted the shop the scanner and PC were purchased from about 2-3 years ago (the scanner has not been used until now) and the guy at the shop said bring the PC up to him.

This my friend did yesterday and today the shop guy said it was repaired and that he had done it by reinstalling WinME. I went to friends to wire PC up for her and it did exactly the same as yeterday,when we turned it on, froze at updating hardware box.

So, I've said to my friend that I'd put a post on here to see if anyone has any ideas as to what the fault may be before she takes PC back to shop.

My apologies for this being a long post,


  bof:) 21:42 23 Jul 2003


  woodchip 21:50 23 Jul 2003

Have you tried loading the software and drivers in safe mode? If it's a CD copy it to a new folder start in Safe Mode as you know you do not have a CD player in Safe mode so run the setup from the copy

  bof:) 22:00 23 Jul 2003

Hi woodchip,

We havent tried that so I will tomorrow. Have you any idea on why just plugging the scanner into the pc and rebooting should cause it to freeze at the 'updating hardware box'?

Also if I copy the cd rom into a folder in safe mode, will this work if the initial cd rom says 'not all files loaded' when you install it?

Thanks for your fast reply, my friend is pulling her hair out because she has negatives from a wedding to scan onto her PC.


  woodchip 22:14 23 Jul 2003

I have had problem like that in the past but the old gray matter cannot remember how I sorted it.

The CD will not work in Safe Mode that's why you need to copy CD to HD, It loads minimal drivers so if you do it that way you may get round the problem

  bof:) 22:31 23 Jul 2003

Many thanks for your help....I'll try it tomorrow and report back.

Thanks again,


  bof:) 23:00 26 Jul 2003

Hi All,

Local shop fixed PC (it was seen by friend to be working ok) but when friend got it home and plugged it in she got the same problem as mentioned above.

Now it also seems that when the PC is looking for new hardware ie scanner/printer when the 'updating hardware box appears it then freezes the PC.

Tomorrow I'm off to delete the old drivers for both scanner and printer, and check that the serial port in the bios is set at SSP. It was originnaly changed for the negative scanner to work and this is when the problems began.

Any thoughts on why the PC is failing to get past the 'detecting hardware box' would be greatly appreciated.

Friend using winME and when pc freezes,when she reboots or turn off and reboot the pc gets to the password screen, you press enter and the box comes up stuck at 0%. The only way she can get to the desktop is to use safe mode and system restore option.

Many thanks,


  bof:) 23:01 26 Jul 2003


  madPentium 23:25 26 Jul 2003

Well the first thing that confuses me here is the scanner running off of the serial port and being able to put this to ECP????
Are you talking about the parallel port?

Most negative scanners run from a scsi card which has a connector that looks like a printer port. Are you sure you are plugging the scanner into the right socket? is there another one further down the computer? It may be locking up because the driver is set to communicate through a scsi connection and not a parallel port.

Just an idea !

  madPentium 23:35 26 Jul 2003

I have just looked on the internet and it does use the parallel port. However, there is also mention that there is a usb kit available for this unit so it may be worth looking into that.

  bof:) 12:40 27 Jul 2003

Hi madPentium,

I'm plugging the negative scanner into the only port thats left on the PC and the lead from the negative scanner fits into it exactly.

The printer on the PC is USB. This is plugged into the only usb socket.

The neg scanner goes into the Parallel port according to the instruction book and the technical helpline.

What I dont understand is that, my friend took the PC to the shop she bought it from 2 years ago and the guy had the scanner up and running after a 'bit of fiddling' as she calls it. She bought it home, we plugged everything in and it froze at the 'updating new hardware box'.

So it was working with the same tower,same settings, in the shop and yet once its setup at home it fails to work.

I've checked all of the sockets, they are correctly plugged into the back of the pc. So whats the problem thats stopping it working?

The guy from the shop suggested we reinstall WinME which we did from the original disk and for some reason it set the Keyboard to 'American English'. This I reset to 'UK English' but it seems odd that it altered the settings as well, its also put an icon saying 'EN' onto the righthand side of the taskbar.

Thanks for your suggestion, just to be sure that I'd set the correct port, I'll go tomorrow moring and recheck before we try anything else.

Many thanks again for your help, its really apppreciated, if you have any other ideas please let me know,


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