Need Web domain registration help!

  scuba steve 21:08 29 May 2006

hello everyone - I want to start a website for my famly but i want to know how to register a domain name like click here but im not sure what im doing - ive looked it up and typed it in to a web hosting website and they have given me a price of £10.99 for 2 years, i just need some basic help in what to do next - what happens when i buy this domain? after the 2 years is that it? im sorry for the complicated question but if some one could point me in the right direction i would be most grateful (or even a link to some useful; info!)

  ade.h 21:46 29 May 2006

That price is good value for two years. I assume it is ex VAT; if it's inc VAT, that's even better value.

You do not own a domain name; you lease it. You will have to make prompt payment at the end of your first term in order to maintain it.

All hosting providers and most decent ISPs offer domain leasing. I use F2S just for convenience, if I'm not going to have it hosted right away. If you intend to have it hosted immediately, arrange it while arranging the hosting. For which I use F2S, Heart and Streamline.

  scuba steve 22:02 29 May 2006

I see but what do i do once ive leased my domain name! how do i get my website (which i will make from scratch with HTML on notepad lol) and get it up on that domain name - this may sound like a stupid question to someone that does this everyday but i really have just gotten into it and really need some advise...

  ade.h 22:08 29 May 2006

Use an FTP client click here

And I have to question why you want to hard code when you say that you are new to webdesign.

You don't have to pay for a web authoring app click here

  scuba steve 22:21 29 May 2006

i got taught how to do HTML at school lol - its all i know - basically for inputting images and typing - i AM COMPLETELY new to web design!

  scuba steve 22:34 29 May 2006

Thats helped alot - thanyou for dumbing it down for me lol!

  scuba steve 23:00 29 May 2006

Okay, one more question - ive always wanted to make my own gaming website (knowing now how is it is to do!) but was wondering if i had to take anything into consideration concerning pictures that i may find want uploaded - for example - if im typing something about the playstation and look on playstations website for the playstations logo and want to save the picture and display it on MY website, is there any action i should take to prevent any legal action?
this is my last question i swear ; )

  ade.h 23:50 29 May 2006

"Is there any action I should take to prevent any legal action?

Yes. Don't use someone else's images or graphics unless you have obtained written permission. It's as simple as that.

  Forum Editor 00:26 30 May 2006

are legally protected, and you may not use them without the prior consent of the owners. In some cases trademarks are so widely known, and so commonly used in everyday life that you have no choice - if you want to talk about WindowsXP for instance, you have to use the words, and they are a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

On a website it's normally sufficient to treat these useages in site text as permissable, and a good designer will place an acknowledgment in the master border of all pages, along with the copyright claim. Something like this will suffice:

"All site content Copyright FE 2006 - all rights reserved, all trademarks hereby acknowledged".

That deals with textual references to trademarks, but not to the use of company or product logos. Many companies allow you to use their logos, subject to certain conditions, and some of them (Amazon is one) have special web pages where you may download the necessary images, along with detailed terms and conditions of use.

In general terms then, do not use any copyright images, or registered trademark images of any description, unless or until you have the owners' consent.

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