Need a VERY lite but effective Antivirus

  six-h 13:18 20 Oct 2010

For a laptop running a Pentium 2 chip and 288MB of RAM.
AVG and MSE cripple it completely, any action in IE8 and it goes into "not responding" mode for a good 60 seconds at least!

  Diemmess 13:52 20 Oct 2010

Your are using an older (slower) computer, though nothing wrong in itself, is barely able to manage current anti-malware programs.

Many of these, not least AVG have become bloated and need more power to run than they did 5 years ago.

What stands out for me is the figure 288 for RAM.

You haven't said which OS you are using.
If it is XP or older, then you could try upgrading the amount of RAM.

If you are using Vista or Win 7, you are IMO faced with a truly difficult problem.

  six-h 14:07 20 Oct 2010

Diemmess, you are quite right!
the RAM is very low but it is the max that this Thinkbook will take, 2 x 128 plus 32MB nailed in.
When I got it, it was surprisingly, running XP Pro with 192MB RAM on a 3.2GB disk.
It had been running AVG 7.5 but I'm wondering if there is such a thing as a very lite AV out there.
Alternatively, perhaps a completely different approach would be just using SpywareBlaster, Windows firewall, and the occasional scan with MBAM or SAS.
Would that be sufficient to keep it safe?

  onthelimit 14:09 20 Oct 2010

I think MSE is about as light as it gets.

  john bunyan 14:17 20 Oct 2010

I find Avira very good.

  Belatucadrus 14:23 20 Oct 2010

avast! is fairly light on its feet and you can select which real time shields to use in expert install. If you cut it down to just File System & Mail shield, the RAM requirement should be pretty low.

  provider 2 15:42 20 Oct 2010

Panda Cloud, perhaps? click here

Very light on resources, I understand, though I have no real experience of it.

  Woolwell 15:49 20 Oct 2010

NOD32 seems to have low requirements click here

  six-h 16:14 12 Nov 2010

Various family crises have prevented me from playing further with this Thinkpad until now.
I have banished AVG 2011 and installed "Panda Cloud".
Not at all impressed with it.
every time I boot up, I am told that both Windows Firewall and Panda are switched off!

The firewall starts again of it's own volition approx 2 minutes after boot, whilst Panda eventually makes an apperance another minute later.

Not exactly secure in this bad, mad internet world where you only have to be "unprotected" for seconds before being stricken down with the pox!!

Overall, not too impressed with XP Pro running on this machine.
I'm tempted by Linux, would that be a more satisfying experience on such an old machine?
(Pentium P2 and 288MB RAM, max)

I really am loathe to ditch it 'cos it's a delight to type on, built like the proverbial brick khazi.

  robin_x 16:39 12 Nov 2010

Yeah my Compaq 10 (or 12 yr old) laptop is a nightmare.

128MB RAM dunno processor.

Orig W95 then 98 then 98 SE now XP SP3.

None of the normal AVs are suitable.
And it runs like a dog. But...if you let it settle for 5-10 mins for browsing, and Word docs, it is OK.
(only one at a time)

For AntiVirus try ClamAV. It is supposed to be lite.

I will not upgrade either. Not gonna spend even 10 quid on more ram. I Have two other modern PCs.
Just tried for interest.

click here

  robin_x 16:41 12 Nov 2010

Oh and consider Puppy Linux....that works a treat for me.

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