need urgent help new build

  sunny staines 16:49 01 May 2006

on start up i have to goto bios to set up the boot from cd. but the bios does not retain the changes.

also no hard drives or cd drive reconised.

had warning low cmos tried two working batteries but no change cmos warning no longer appears.

no extra bleeps on start up. where do i go from here please.

matsonic m/board.

  Aspman 16:54 01 May 2006

You are definitely going to "Save changes and Exit"?

you could also try to download a bios update from the manufacturer and flash the bios.

Failing that you may have a faulty board.

  sunny staines 17:31 01 May 2006

yes i save the bios on exit. but makes no difference.

and the bios was upto date, prior to be given the board it was running xp with low cmos warning but having changed the cmos twice and had the new battery checked for voltage still at a loss.

  DieSse 17:36 01 May 2006

Check the jumper for clearing the CMOS is not set to the Clear position.

Check there are no points at which the motherboard could short to the casing - if in doubt try it with the motherboard unmounted (you can rest it on a folded newspaper).

  sunny staines 17:45 01 May 2006

thanks for the reply, got to pop out with the wife will check your adice when i get back.

  sunny staines 19:25 01 May 2006

no luck on you suggestions, prev owner unclipped his drives and gave me the board/cpu/ram m/b settings still in tact & double checked. no earthed other than 6 spacers.

  DieSse 19:28 01 May 2006

Sounds like the board is faulty.

How is your PSU for running this new combination?

  sunny staines 21:06 01 May 2006

again thanks for continued help.

the psu is a new one. Iam getting the same feeling re the motherboard although it was working ok befor exept for low cmos warning but as i mentioned the cmos and two other were found to be ok.

i might take a day off work and drive down to portsmouth and get one of their bundle packs.
having to view internet on a pent two lap top with 32 ram & forgotten how slow things used to be

  Strawballs 21:18 01 May 2006

When you say drive down to Portsmouth do you mean Novatech if so I have used 2 of their bare bones and both have been good, but if it is a long drive why not mail order because they can get very busy in their shop. I live very close and mail order because it is easier.

  Aspman 09:14 02 May 2006

Capacitors on the board?

Any of them have rusty looking tops?

Quite common for caps to burst on boards that are a few years old.

  sunny staines 17:13 04 May 2006

The m/board now despatched the the trash bin out of sheer frustration. took the wife out for a day trip down to the coast and at the same time bought a m/board bundle from novatech I now have a working system again.

thanks to all those who offered help.

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