Need urgent help

  frenchman96 08:54 23 Apr 2012

Hi Guys

I am a "hopefully" competent pc user, but I have my sons laptop with me and cannot fix, so appreciate any help.

PROBLEM>>turn on power, it makes 2 rumbling sounds, then a white screen appears, no boot up data appears.

I have tried to boot using F8 for safe mode but no luck.

It is a HP G7000, and o/s is Vista.

I will take it to a pc shop if need be, but I would like to know fault in case they tell me the problem is something its not.

  KRONOS the First 09:29 23 Apr 2012

You give very little to go on, but does this happen whilst on mains and battery? do the fans on the underside spin? if not give them a clean>You can usually remove the fan cover by removing four screws then use a soft brush to give the fans a clean.

  birdface 09:30 23 Apr 2012

Is there a Factory restore button on it.Not sure if it would be F11 or not.

Have checked the Bios to make sure it is starting with the correct drive.

Rumbling sounds could be the hard drive I suppose.

  sunnystaines 09:37 23 Apr 2012

if not f11 try f10 during bootup.

  frenchman96 10:09 23 Apr 2012

Onus--I have mentioned the problem is when ON power, I have given model, o/s, and exactly what happens when I switch on, dont know what else to say?

I have tried f8 f10 f11 but nowt happens.

At this stage, I have not located fans, but will try.

Thing to note, is that there is no boot up showing any text at all, it is simply a white screen, the puzzling thing is that it sometimes plays the welcome sound when turning off.

  birdface 10:40 23 Apr 2012

Try Connecting it to an external monitor to see if you still get the same problems.

  birdface 12:26 23 Apr 2012

Having a Google for the problem Video cable renewal is mentioned a few times.

It seems the more the lid is opened and shut on the Laptop the more likely it is to stretch the video cable in some models.

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