dirtymonkey 20:38 25 Aug 2010

I need to upgrade my PC but have very little knowledge with regards to hardware. I have read peoples advice on forums but do not really understand what people are talking about.

My main objective is to have a PC that will run Football Manager at a good speed and without crashing (Virtual Memory Error!?!)

My PC Specs:

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-81915 PM
Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3.19GHz, 1GB of RAM
Processor - x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel 3192Mhz
Total Physical Memory - 1024Mb
Available Physical Memory - 546.67Mb
Total Virtual Memory - 2GB
Available Virtual Memory - 1.96GB
Page File Space - 2.4GB
Hard Drive - 178.5GB (88.96GB Available)
Display - Radeon x600/x550 Series - 256mb
Sound - Realtek High Definition Audio

That about all the info I can find. I'm not looking to spend too much but would keep my options open if I knew the technology would last. All the Football Manager Forums have people on them with similar problems but their advice does not seem to work for me, hence the reason that I am now thinking about upgrading. I personally think that I need to upgrade my graphics card and memory but I would like other peoples advice before I wreck my computer.

Any advice, help or direction would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  Proclaimer 20:42 25 Aug 2010

how many leagues are you trying or hoping to run?

  dirtymonkey 20:46 25 Aug 2010

It runs poorly with just the English leagues!! I would like to run a few countries at once if possible

The 3-d engine stutters and I now have a problem where it crashes after every match (even if I reinstall the game) with a virtual memory error.

When I start a new game and the game rates the performance of your PC, it never goes above 1 star (out of 5)

  Proclaimer 20:56 25 Aug 2010

Both the Processor - x86 GenuineIntel @ 3192Mhz
and Total Physical Memory - 1024Mb will be limiting what you can do with FM on your PC.

The game really thrives on Memory first then CPU Speed.

  dirtymonkey 21:06 25 Aug 2010

Cheers for your reponses.

Any advice on what to do next?

  Proclaimer 21:15 25 Aug 2010

Get Money...

If it is just that game you want to play, do nothing. If there are other high spec games you want to play then it may be time to consider a Dual Core CPU upgrade and 4gb RAM

That would mean a new MOBO too though as the best CPU for that board is a Pentium 4 672(3.8GHz)

  dirtymonkey 21:16 25 Aug 2010

Can I upgrade these hardware items without purchasing a new motherboard?

  dirtymonkey 21:16 25 Aug 2010

sorry your note came thru justas I sent my last one

  dirtymonkey 21:19 25 Aug 2010

Thanks for the tips Proclaimer. I'll start searching for the best prices now. Is Dual Core the Processor? Which motherboards would you recommend to upgrade to and would my graphics cards etc still run on it?

  Proclaimer 21:27 25 Aug 2010

The Processor you have is 'Single Core' that means it has just one Processor (CPU) on the chip. Dual Core CPU's will have two identical CPU's on the one chip and Quad Core- Four CPU's.

For games, the AMD Athlon X2 Black Edition (just google that) is a good choice.

Your 'All in Wonder' Radeon x600 is at least 5 years old now and not a serious gamers card. However, FM is not graphics hungry so you may not need to spend a fortune to upgrade the card.

Money would be your first obstacle. Without a budget it is difficult to advise what to get.

  dirtymonkey 21:30 25 Aug 2010

I'd probably have to get an item each month. I'd say I would probaly look at £100 (havn't got a clue how much they cost so please inform me if I'm way off the mark here) for each item, obviously the more I save on one item the more I can spend on another.

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