Need update for C-Media Ac 97 Audio Device,

  birdface 19:50 12 Dec 2006

Hi, It seems as though this is a Microsoft Mistake,They up-date the driver,But it is wrong one for the system,Normally I can revert back to previous driver,But computer crashed And cant do that,Have looked through C-Media but cant find any up-dates,,I have C-Media ac97 audio device 5.121.51 From another program I found another up-date to But you have to buy the program $28 anybody know any free ones,AlsoI need an up-date to my Nividia Ge force 4 mx 440.Same program says there is up-dated version, From to Had a look in Nvidia and cant seem to find what I am looking for.Both of those have yellow signs beside them in Device Manager, And cannot be up-dated from microsoft, They Also say A code 10 error,Looking arround there are quite a lot with the same problem,But did not find out how to sort it, Any help appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:17 12 Dec 2006

What chipset?

click here

click here

  citadel 20:19 12 Dec 2006

the ac97 is the built in sound on the motherboard.

  birdface 20:27 12 Dec 2006

To late Already opened them,Mcafee gave both sites a red mark,But as I have already opened them ,I am as well looking to see if anything of interest,

  birdface 20:52 12 Dec 2006

Had a good look round,Got a rough idea of what I am looking for,Got close to one of them, Might have done me,But unfortunately Mcafee Suggests not to download anything from this particular site.I think it was Stuarti that put me onto Mcafee Site advisor, Never bothered me before , I would just have opened any site, And went in,Bit more carefull now, Anyhow thanks for your help,Any other help welcome,

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:53 12 Dec 2006

download he driver and scan with your AV and AS BEFORE opening.

  birdface 21:34 12 Dec 2006

What I need is someone to tell me, This is the one you want,Never done this before so unsure of what to pick,At the moment no sound at all, And problems with the Nvidia G Force Graphics driver,I think it may be a conflict between the Sound and graphics,Both of them have Code 10 error beside them.Unfortunately There was no tools or driver back up disc to use after computer crashed.Have been told that it is a Microsoft problem,Downloading the wrong drivers, Help.

  citadel 22:56 12 Dec 2006

nvidea graphics driver is for all nvidia cards, in theory the latest one is best but an older one will work.

  birdface 00:57 13 Dec 2006

Thanks Citadel,Checked that one out ,Looks as thought your spot on, Will download it to-morrow, Its not for my computer, Its for my sons,Now all you have to do is find me one for the C-media AC 97 Audio Device ,Many thanks.

  birdface 14:26 13 Dec 2006

Thanks for your input,Following a lead from there,Put me on to C-Net and I can download the driver I want from there, Will leave thread open for 24 hours in case I have problems installing it from download,My thanks to Fruit Bat and Citadel for your help.Will class this as problem Resolved.

  Stuartli 14:36 13 Dec 2006

The simple answer to your question is to go to the C-Media website:

click here

Windows System Information will reveal the chipset used.

I used to have a C-Media 8738 onboard sound chipset - excellent device and also available in PCI form from several manufacturers.

There are also 9xxx versions and most of them are multi-channel, £D etc capable.

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