Need to Uninstall XP home

  User-04B10BC8-186B-449C-9B4AC9BC3E5EC0C2 14:39 17 Nov 2005

Help please need to uninstall windows XP home edition..............
Dear SIL thought he was helping when installing this on my second computer for me......Has gone on his hols to florida to-day,and left me to clean the mess up,i have to install Windows 98SE on it.....while i am able.
Thanks for your help,try and keep it simple for me to follow please....


  rawprawn 14:43 17 Nov 2005

Format the drive and then install 98SE

  rawprawn 15:12 17 Nov 2005

You may find this helpful click here

Sorry do you reformat C:\ i cant get into dos...

  rawprawn 15:16 17 Nov 2005

Or this click here

thanks rawprawn...will give it my best effort


  rawprawn 15:28 17 Nov 2005

I am worried about one thing, I don't know if Windows 98SE uses Fat or ntfs file system. I have only formatted XP and reinstalled XP. Perhaps someone with a knowledge of 98 SE will put you straight

If you want to format your drive when XP is installed, please try the following:

Set your BIOS to boot to the CD-Rom or hold down the "F8" key to access the system. Perform the following.

1. Start Computer booting from CD
2. Choose Recovery Console (R)
3. At the dos prompt type: "format C:" (without the quotes)
4. If it asks for the "Administrator Pass Word", Type it in if you have one or just hit "Enter" to continue. If you use a password...
5. Commands that you can use, format (drive)/ Q (quick) FS/ (File system fat/ntsf)

  rawprawn 15:37 17 Nov 2005

Windows 98 is Fat32 file system and I think you would need to type format C:/QFS/fat. Please wait for someone to confirm this, I don't want to mess you up.

  ventanas 15:52 17 Nov 2005

To reformat without reloading Windows:

Boot with the XP cd and choose the Recovery Console
Type in

format C: /Q

(if it is the c drive you wish to format.) Hit Enter/Return.

XP Home often installs with Fat32 if not told otherwise, so you may be ok. If it is ntfs:

Boot from XP CD. Do not enter SetUp, instead press R to go to the Recovery Console. Select your XP installation (usually only one) press 1 and Enter. Type administrator password. You will be placed at C:\Windows> Type format c: /fs:fat32 and press Enter.

The admin password for XP Home is usually blank.

  rawprawn 15:56 17 Nov 2005

Thank you John!

  ventanas 16:00 17 Nov 2005

Hi Dennis. I keep this info always to hand. Its amazing how many times its needed :-))

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