need test.

  User-645BA0C0-3AD6-49C9-99798FE12AD8252D 09:46 09 Feb 2004

I would be much obliged, as ever, if some-one would be kind enough to test a new addition to my website. if you click here then when the page loads if you could click the privacy statement link, it 'should' bring up a smaller DHTML window. I'd like to know whether its working OK in everyones browsers.

also if you think the wording of the statement could be better I'd be grateful for your thoughts.


  tomleady 10:04 09 Feb 2004

works fine for me.

i'm on IE6.

Thankyou Tom, it gave me a lot of grief to get it to work properly, and I never trust anything until somebody else has checked it for me.thanx again.H.

  Sir Radfordin 11:33 09 Feb 2004

Worked fine in IE and Mozila but not in Avant Browser.

what goes wrong in avant-browser? does it just not show up?

  Sir Radfordin 14:05 09 Feb 2004

Yer nothing happens.

  Talented Monkey 14:28 09 Feb 2004

Works ok for me in IE, but Opera browser it didnt, mind you i run Opera without javascript enabled so thats proberbly why. Sir Radfordin, maybe your browser hasnt got javascript enabled?

  Sir Radfordin 14:40 09 Feb 2004

More than likely but that is hardly my problem is it ;)

If you are designing a site and want to make it available to everyone then you need to check that all things work under all conditions. Accepted this can't be done, but Javascript is one thing that some browsers disable and is something that at least ZoneAlarm can be used to disable.

Nothing wrong with using it, but if you do you should either explain to people why it may not work, how to get it to work, or provide an alternative method of getting the same result.

  PurplePenny 15:04 09 Feb 2004

Worked for me in Moz. I've got javaScript enabled. Sir Rad. makes a good point - offering a non-JavaScript alternative is recommended in accessibility guidelines.


indeed much as i figured, not good news really as I wanted to stop using the old html page I was using before but quite a few of my visitors use avant-browser (suprisingly more than MOZ/netscape). I was trying to force a new window to open at a set size but that involves javascript as well so i guess i'll have to scrap the DHTML window and go back to HTML which I guess i could make pretty enough.

Out of interest did anyone who read it find the text to be comprehensive and inoffensive enough?

  Talented Monkey 16:24 09 Feb 2004

I have mentioned in past about how people should not use JavaScaript on their websites, particularly if it has anything to do with key features like navigation. I have been told quite a few times that people have thought about this, and so this time I decided to shut up about it, but I feel I can not any more seeing as I do have some support in Sir Radfordin

A small but growing percentage of users, are permanently blocking all forms of JavaScript, be it through Firewalls or disabling it from browser settings, or in likes of Netscape Opera browsers not even installing JavaScript ,

It is also interesting to note that Microsoft even advise to disable javascript when they give out security warnings.

Therefore try and avoid using JavaScript when creating your pages, in these days there are plenty of alternatives to keep .your visitors happy using fully working site.

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