Need supplier information!!

  CutNpaste 10:55 05 Aug 2006

Hi everyone,
I know i'm stupid askin you this but I was thinking of openiing up a business end of this year or early next year.
The business would be a PC shop. I would want to build PC's and also repair them.
I will do my research on how to find a decent location etc. But I really dont know where to go abouts finding supplier information of computer parts and how to register with them and what paperwork I need to register with them.

I would really really appreaciate if anyone can give me some advice on this.
Thank you

  Meshuga 14:13 05 Aug 2006

Suggest you buy some trade magazines.

  €dstowe 14:40 05 Aug 2006

Think very carefully before you do this. There is so much red tape involved (much of it brought in by the EU and the UK nanny state) that it is hardly worthwhile setting up any sort of small business these days.

I have a graphics business where the only output is ideas, pictures and computer information. I've had this business for nearly ten years and even when I set up I thought there was too much "official" interference in what I was doing. Since then things have got a hundred times worse and if I was starting up today, I just wouldn't bother.

Any business with any sort of technological output (as yours would be) will require to conform to all sorts of electrical safety regulations and approvals before you've even sold one machine - and it is not cheap to do this. That's just one example. It will get far worse very quickly.

As an aside, the wife of one of my employees set up a small craft business making rolled beeswax candles which she sells at craft fairs. At a recent fair she was approached by some some jobsworth official and asked if she had certification that the wicks in her candles were lead free. She was told then that she must obtain a guarantee from her wick supplier that there is no more than a certain (trace) amount of lead in the wicks that she uses. It is this sort of thing that is going to get worse and worse.

  amonra 18:37 05 Aug 2006

I fully agree with Edstowe, the amount of red-tape, rules and regs are getting out of hand. In today's cut-throat trading environment you dont need any more hassle than what you generate yourself. My partner and I ceased trading as a small computer/radio/TV business a few years back, driven out by mounting paperwork. Before you start your business take a long hard look at what the on-line businesses have to offer and do an in-depth study of your costs and overheads. You'll be surprised how little margin there is between profit and bancrupcy !!! I'm not against private enterprise, I'm all for it, but I'd hate to see you struggle against the rising tide. Sorry to put a damper on things but it's the truth.

  CutNpaste 21:11 05 Aug 2006

well thanks for the advise guyz!
I've been told by freinds and relatives the same thing.
but i'm sure there is a potential of making profit.
My local pc shop is making bucks out of what they do. and they already have opened a few branches locally.
WHen i look at them, i feel i can do it aswell.
Dunno if i should or should I think of something different.

  Totally-braindead 21:17 05 Aug 2006

I did consider this a couple of years ago myself. Perhaps I could have made a go of it but I decided against it, I never even got as far as suppliers etc. The only thing I can say is my small town has had 3 computer shops open and close again in the past couple of years. Perhaps its the location I really don't know.

  CutNpaste 21:25 05 Aug 2006

the good thing about my area is that its loaded with computers and i get friends and relatives calling me nearly 24/7 to fix their computers etc.
but im still thinking of it - i probably go for a mobile business - operating from a van or somthing!!

  Stuartli 21:32 05 Aug 2006

Why not try a small advertisement in your local paper offering to setup, repair, get rid of viruses and malware, install software etc in your local paper?

If the feedback is good then it may well be worth considering setting up a business on these lines.

Thee's always at least one regular advertisement of this type in each of my two local weekly newspapers and, knowing the high advertisment costs of the paid for title, it must be proving a worthwhile exercise for the person concerned.

  De Marcus™ 21:40 05 Aug 2006

If you really want to be self employed your going to need a bit more steely determination than "Dunno if i should or should I think of something different". I'm not criticising you, just saying that if you want to succeed, you need to make a commitment to whatever it is your doing and follow through, but not before you've researched your market thoroughly (and I don't mean typing a few words into google, you need to be prepared to get out there on the streets and asking the the sort of questions that you need answers too!)

You should also prepare a business plan, TEDCO click here (or other local business funding programme) can help you out with this, as can the PYBT (Princes Youth Business Trust - age limiting factor click here )and other organisations.

Essentially, I guess what I'm trying to say is, unless your 100% committed to the idea of being self-employed, don't bother - the majority of new businesses fail within the first 12 months, generally because of the lack of research, ability, commitment or financial sense.

  phono 22:03 05 Aug 2006

Like yourself I have many relatives, friends and so called friends of friends who ring me up to carry out upgrades repairs and even build whole systems, it is amazing how many of them expect the service to be free or for a nominal fee, regardless of the time and effort I have put in.

To make matters worse it appears that I am a free 24/7 support service for them as well. I have had people come back looking for me to "fix their computer" because it has mysteriously accquired a virus and I built it and "no one in the house, not even the children" would download such a thing.

Think long and hard before committing any hard cash to such a venture, look how many big name players in the computing world have come and gone, I have seen whole systems selling for prices that I couldn't even buy the parts for, it is a cut throat business out there, what ever course of action you choose I wish you all the best.

  Belatucadrus 22:11 05 Aug 2006

"i get friends and relatives calling me nearly 24/7 to fix their computers etc."

Just start asking them to pay and watch them disappear.

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