Need Sound advice

  Muergo 13:08 24 Oct 2010

I have put a new sound card into my Dell 4550 in a spare slot but I cannot get the machine to recognise it.

Belarc lists all the software has been installed but doesn't list the hardware.

The existing sound system is integrated with the motherboard but going into Control Panel, sound devices etc it only shows the two integrated systems not allowing or showing the new card so I could set it to default.

There are no other connections on the card which is a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio - Sound card - 24-bit - 96 kHz - 108 dB SNR 7.1 - PCI bought from Ivory Egg as an OEM item.

I have just installed a high power supply 780W so that should not be a problem but the card has not got a seperate power lead.

I have plugged and unplugged it and sure that it is well into the socket which has not been used before.
Do I have to initiate that socket, bring it to life or what?

  john bunyan 13:18 24 Oct 2010

I have W7, and a similar card. In Device manager it is listed under Sound, Video and games controllers . Details: PCObus1,device9,function 0.SBX - Fi Xtreme Audio.
Is it possible to check if the card is ok by trying it in a friend's computer. I cannot understand why the PC does not detect it automatically.

  GaT7 14:07 24 Oct 2010

Can you try it in another PCI slot?

Are there any conflicts in Device Manager?

Does your onboard sound work? In other words, when you don't have the Creative card physically installed.

Btw, I've a motherboard at the moment who's onboard sound refuses to work - the drivers & software install OK (so no conflicts in Device Manager). A dedicated soundcard (Creative) doesn't work either even though it seems to install absolutely fine. G

  Muergo 18:39 24 Oct 2010

Running XP SP3

The onboard sound works as it is integrated with motherboard and I can't physically remove it.

The onboard sound works with or without the new card installed.

I have no other spare slots available unless I remove the wireless card reader.

You have given me the idea of removing that, freeing up a slot and running internet wired through ethernet connector, will try that next.

  GaT7 19:41 24 Oct 2010

"The onboard sound works with or without the new card installed."

That is key. Then it appears the Creative soundcard is not getting installed at all. If it did, your onboard sound would automatically be disabled & replaced with the Creative soundcard.

"The onboard sound works as it is integrated with motherboard and I can't physically remove it."

That's not what I asked. I'm trying to figure out if onboard sound works on its own in the first place, which you've now confirmed that it does.

Are there any conflicts in device manager with the Creative card installed? You didn't answer this? G

  Ian in Northampton 20:10 24 Oct 2010

This may be a massively stupid thing to say, but what the hell. You have installed the drivers for the new sound card, haven't you?

  citadel 20:33 24 Oct 2010

normally you disable on board sound in the bios, shut down pc install card, restart and new hardware found wizard asks for the drivers.

  GaT7 20:59 24 Oct 2010

I've never had to disable onboard sound when installing a dedicated one, as the system does so automatically on reboot.

Like I said before, if onboard sound is working despite the Creative card being installed, the latter isn't really being installed. Next step is to look in Device Manager to see what's happening. Or, in this case, not happening!

Btw, Muergo why did you think you needed a 780W PSU? Or is the 7 a typo? G

  Seadog 23:43 24 Oct 2010

Had a similar problem with my old Shuttle XPC when I installed a separate sound card. The machine wouldn't recognise the new card until I disabled the (AC97 I think it was) old one in the bios.
After that it recognised the new card - can't remember if I installed the drivers first though or after I fitted the card, but the instructions with the drivers should tell you that.

  Muergo 12:15 25 Oct 2010

Thanks for all your input, been diverted from pc by daughters accident & hospitalisation, didn't want to be seen to be rude by not replying fast.

To Ian, I want the new card to work as it has better performance and more facilities.

Crossbow, I was advised by Sunny Staines to increase power pack to take new graphics card which is going in next, he said I needed a 500watt but Maplin had a special on the 780 making it cheaper than the 500.

When I put sofware in Device driver and Registration said they couldn't find card/hardware.

How do I disable the on board systems identified on Sound and Audio devices as

Unimodem Half Duplex Audio

Modem #13 line playback

Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

I don't know what any or all of these do along with some various codecs.

I have never altered or changed any part of the sound system before so what is there is original.
to this Dell inspiron 4550 desktop.

If I could deactivate the existing system with the new card removed and then put the new card back, perhaps that would look for the new system.

OR as I said before, remove the wireless card and try putting sound card in that slot instead.

The only other lead I can see is one running to an auxiliary socket on the front of the pc if you dont want to use the rear one.

The output at present goes from the green 3.5mm socket to a Sony hiFi MiniDisc unit I use to stream from radio or TV instead of speakers, but that is irrelevent.

Hope I have given you the complete picture and many thanks to all for your help.

  sunnystaines 12:29 25 Oct 2010

if you pop your system round to me i will guide you along how to disable the onboard sound in the bios if your having trouble with it.

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