Need some wireless advice

  TheaC 11:57 27 Aug 2006

I wasn't sure whether to post this in the Absolute Beginners section. But anyway...

I'm currently with BT broadband and have an oldish Sony Vaio laptop (2001).

I'm considering going wireless only because there are so many wires in my flat (and it looks really messy).

Am I correct in thinking that I need an ADSL wireless router/modem, plus some kind of a card for my laptop? I was thinking of a MIMO router, to ensure good connection - is this the best idea?

Also, I'd like to use a printer wirelessly too (again to avoid messy wires). Is this possible? (Or do I need a Bluetooth enabled laptop to do this?) I'm considering buying a new all in one printer. Could this be used wirelessly? Is there a certain printer I need to look out for that is compatible? Or do you use a card?

Many thanks for any advice you can give me.

  FelixTCat 14:14 27 Aug 2006


If you only have a USB adsl modem at the moment then you will need some new hardware. The best way is to buy an adsl modem wireless router. Some now come bundled with a USB wireless adapter or a cardbus card adapter. Make sure that your laptop can take cardbus cards.

MIMO is a yet unadopted standard and is more expensive than wireless-g. For a flat, I don't believe that it is necessary as the distances you will be working are not great.

You can use a printer over a wireless network. Set it up as you would for file-sharing over a network. Provided the printer works from the pc it is connected to, it will work over the network. Clearly, it is difficult to work the scanner part of an all-in-one over a network :)

You can buy printers with ethernet interfaces which attach directly to your router. Their only advantage is that you wouldn't have to have your main pc running to use the printer from the laptop. They are usually more expensive and I don't know whether sensibly priced all-in-ones come with this yet.



  FelixTCat 14:27 27 Aug 2006


In my post above I used the term cardbus - I should have said PC Card. There are 2 different specifications for cards that fit into slots in laptops - Pcmcia and PC Card. They are not compatible. PC Card is the newer specification and if your laptop has the older pcmcia slot you will have great difficulty obtaining a wireless card.



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