Need a some help please

  Doire_Bhoy 12:25 01 Sep 2005

I need the drivers for a Video Controller (VGA Compatible) Can anyone PLEASE help me.

Thanks very much!

  Skills 12:29 01 Sep 2005

OK first you need to identify exactly what video card you have. Windows will install standard VGA video card drivers if it doesn't have the drivers for your card by default.

So you can either download everest from click here which will tell you what hardware you have in your system. Or you can go to the manufacturers web page of your machine and look up the model number and they should have the drivers there for download.

  Doire_Bhoy 12:42 01 Sep 2005

Its not a card its onboard. Any ideas?

  dave_and_confused 12:45 01 Sep 2005

What motherboard?

  Doire_Bhoy 12:50 01 Sep 2005

Its a M585LMR.

Im using the Belarc programme to foind out what Motherboard it is.

  dave_and_confused 12:51 01 Sep 2005

Apparently this is it - click here

  Doire_Bhoy 13:05 01 Sep 2005

dave and confused i have downloaded the driver. When i get to the set up screen and hit NEXT, i get the erroe INFFAIL - entry not found in string table

Any ideas?

  dave_and_confused 13:11 01 Sep 2005

click here

Scroll down to M585LMR

  Doire_Bhoy 13:37 01 Sep 2005

Dave that has no setup.exe file in it

  dave_and_confused 13:41 01 Sep 2005

Try unzipping the file.

Then right click My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, open Display Adaptor.

Select the video card from the list and right click and select Update Driver. Then point the PC at the folder you unzipped the driver to.

If that doesn't work then i don't know because is from the mobo manufacturers site...

  Skills 13:45 01 Sep 2005

Open the device manage right click on the graphics card and choose update driver and then point it to the folder with the drivers in it.

To open the device manager control panel | system (if you are on xp and using the catoregy view its in performance and maintainance) | hardware tab and then device manager

Expand the listing display adapters and the right click on the graphics card listing choose update driver. Choose no not this time for connect to windows update and then install from a specific location now browse to the folder with the driver files in it and then follow the instructions through.

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