Need some help with a modem/router and broadband

  wobblymike 18:29 10 Mar 2007

I have been having major problems with my broadband speed and been involved in protracted discussion with Plusnet, my ISP. They are indicating that my max dsl up to 8MB connection has been resynced by BT at 225 kbits (resultant download speeds around 200 kbits) then a few days later 1MB (resultant speeds around 1MB) and now they are saying it has resyncd at 5 MB. I would like therefore to ask a technical question based on what they have just indicated. On what basis does my router/modem get resynced? e.g. I have been in the habit in the past of turning my system off at the mains when I finish with it, this includes the router/modem. I am also in the habit of removing it from my system and connecting up other modem/routers as a test for systems that i build or fix. Is it conceivable that this could be causing sync problems if that indeed is the root cause of my speed problem?

  Dipso 22:51 10 Mar 2007

Unlike fixed speed services, 8 Meg adapts to your line conditions so if there is excess noise on your line e.g. caused by interference, your noise margin will be reduced and your sync speed may drop as a result. This could happen if your router is plugged into a different socket in your house.

It's advisable to keep the router switched on if possible.

Which router do you have? Can you post the line stats i.e. current sync speed, downstream attenution and downstream noise margin.

  wobblymike 07:44 11 Mar 2007

Thanks for the info - I have a BT Voyager 205 router/modem. Not sure how to obtain the data you ask for I will investigate and post back.

  Dipso 16:58 11 Mar 2007

Your router is listed here click here follow the instructions to get your line stats.

  wobblymike 20:44 11 Mar 2007

local line attenuation 27.5db
local snr margin 15.5db

  Dipso 21:51 11 Mar 2007

"local line attenuation 27.5db"

That shows you are a reasonably short distance from the telephone exchange and should definitely be able to get the maximum connection speed.

Can you take this test click here and post the results. It may be busy so you might have to try a few times.

  wobblymike 22:39 11 Mar 2007

Results below - this is a huge improvement on last week whwn my speeds were 130 - 250. I would like to understand why however - is my habit of turning my modem off after shutting down my PC a contributory factor?

Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is - 4500 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 5152 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 4191 kbps

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