Need some help with a download speed problem

  wobblymike 08:26 18 Feb 2007

I have been having download speed problems for some 6 months now my set up is
ISP _ Plusnet up to 8MB max dsl
Modem BT Voyager 205 connected by ethernet cable.

My normal download speeds vary between 1.2 and 2 MB/sec. I thought that was ok even though my package is 8MB and my exchange rated at 4.5MB. I had lots of dealings with plusnet last year and they basically told me that my speeds were ok and to shut up (politely but thats what it meant). Last week my immediate neighbour switched from dial up to Orange broadband up to 8MB max dsl. I helped her install her system she has a D Link 604T wireless modem connected by ethernet. Our PCs are virtually identical (I built hers for her). Immediately she starts getting download speeds of 5MB/sec consistently and on some ocassions over 6MB. I borrowed her modem and connected it up to my system to get my normal 1MB. I have faulted my system again to Plusnet who tell me there is no fault. Any thoughts welcome as to what I can do next.
I have also posted this in the networking forum as I'm not quite sure which is the correct one.

  ^wave^ 08:37 18 Feb 2007

the difficulty is they say up to 8mb, and thats where the problem actually lies. i would say if they cannot fix it then change suppliers, vote with your feet.

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