Need some help with BB installation

  pj123 13:09 17 Apr 2004

Can someone help please. A friend has just rung me to say. He now has BT Broadband for business. Live from yesterday 16th April. On installation it is now asking for the Win98SE disk. He doesn't have the CD as it was preinstalled? Can we get round this or not. Why does it need the Win98SE CD anyway?

  Cuddles 13:11 17 Apr 2004

Yes you do need the win98 disc, the bb needs info from the disc.

  Cuddles 13:14 17 Apr 2004

From a legal standpoint, any pc that comes with a preinstalled os should come with some form of back up disc or installation disc.
Also a user licence should be supplied or held by the pc's owner.

  pj123 13:32 17 Apr 2004

All he has is a "restore" CD which will take his computer back to the day he bought it. Is that good enough?

  Forum Editor 13:39 17 Apr 2004

if the operating system was preinstalled all the files will be there on the hard drive - albeit in a hidden partition. There will be nothing on the CD that isn't there in the first place.

The system restore disk doesn't usually contain the Windows files - it simply has a utility that returns the computer to its factory state - if your friend uses that he'll lose any software that he installed.

  pj123 14:26 17 Apr 2004

Thanks FE. My liaison with him is via the telephone. So I can only quote on here what he has told me. He now says that he bought a licence only, and on the back of his computer is a sticker with a licence number on it. When he is asked for the Win98SE disk does he just point it in the direction of C:\windows then?

  Djohn 14:30 17 Apr 2004

Yes. there should be a browse option when he's asked for the CD, just point it to the cab files. j.

  pj123 14:30 18 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone. He has now gone back to the supplier who, hopefully will sort it out for him.

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