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  Tubster 00:22 14 May 2005

I'm about 10% of the way through designing my website and I've come unstuck considering I started with a whole lot of gusto, call it painters block if you will but i'm a tad short of ideas, is my design ok, is it readable to those who have visual problems, firefox, opera, etc, like a lamb to the slaughter I shall await your responses, bear in mind only a few buttons work so far, thanks all, and I look forward to your consturctive criticism's.

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  LeadingMNMs 14:07 14 May 2005

I think you need to consider if centering all the text is really necessary. Most people find it alot harder to read large sections of centered text, so you may be better looking at using left-alignment for the main body.

Also, I think you need to consider using some form of consistent naviagation bar on all the pages, rather than having to always go up to the home page and then down to the next page you want to look at.

I think you also need to try and sort out some of the images. Some of them look a little distorted and doesn't necessarily make your business that professional. Also, some of the images are being resized by the browser - that has to download the fullsize image, so resize the images to the size that they'll be displayed at - otherwise your just wasting peoples time as they wait for larger images to download.

  fly2hi 18:30 14 May 2005

It looks neat enough so far and is doing what it's meant to do. I could be a bit picky and correct your grammar. Home page= "if your not sure" should be "if you're not sure" or "if you are not sure".
examples page = "looks like," this probably should be end of sentence.
It's probably obvious to a lot of people what you've done to the images in the examples, but might be an idea to add a little text decsription to each explaining how it's been improved. Just my thoughts and by no means throwing stones as my own site has a long way to go. Keep it up.

  slowhand_1000 19:05 14 May 2005

Agree with LeadingMNM I also prefer to see consistant navigation on each page with the ability to be just 1 click away from each of the main section of the site.

The text for me is a little to large and I to think that left aligned is more preferable.

With the example pictures why not try showing less examples of each type, then using the kb's saved show a higher quality picture keeping the page file size the same. Or show just a section of the photo close up to see the difference. I just feel that if the site is promoting digital photo work, then the photos on the site should be the best you can get within a reasonable file size.

But above all, keep it up.

  Tubster 20:50 14 May 2005

All welcome criticisms, thanks guys, thats enough to be getting on with for now, I shall go and make some neccessary changes and be back for round two.

Thanks again

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