Need some advice please

  the Rascal 10:56 04 May 2007

I've just bought a Compaq Presario SR2125UK Desktop PC and its factory intalled with vista and has a recovery partion on it which also let you make a set of recovery disks (only once for some reson) and it also says you can delete the recovery partion once youv'e made the disks if you want.
On my old pc i used to allways have a image of my pc set up with all updates and programs just the way i liked it and restoring it was a breeze as i did not have to start frim scratch.I would like to make a complete image of my new pcs hard drive with all my proggies and updates useing norton ghost or acronis true image or something and i was wandering if this would work??,Also if i hit any problems would i still be able to restore my pc from the factory restore disks??.I have a 160gb external hard drive plugged into the pc via usb2.
Sorry if av not made myself very clear but i would be gratefull if someone could give me some info on this.
Thanx in advance

  bjh 11:03 04 May 2007

You should be able to use Acronis to make an image of the active partition on the HDD, the one with XP on it. If Acronis can see the partition with the reinstall on, it should be able to make an image of that too.
If you select the whole drive to be imaged, Acronis should copy the drive as it is, with both partitions.

You CAN check. If you make the latter image, you should be able to mount it, and see what it is containing. That's not the same as restoring, so will disappear when unmounted, leaving the HDD untouched.

  the Rascal 11:09 04 May 2007

How about the factory restore disks,if anything went wrong would i have any problems recoverin the pc from them??.

  bjh 18:00 04 May 2007

A factory restore disk should do exactly what it says on the tin - restore to the state you received the machine in.

A recovery CD might well be effectively a Windows Vista CD, so lacking any additional software installed on your machine.

However, one thing always slightly worries me (the same for any backup) is that you don't really know it works until you need it.

That's why I make Acronis images of any computer I have, as often as possible.

Regardless of whether the CD made from your partition is going to create an Vista CD or a recovery CD, an Acronis image will reinstate the HDD just as it was when it was made....

(... which includes all the errors you may have made on your HDD.... which is why I've been stuck to my %[email protected]@$XX£% computer most of the day, sorting out my OWN chaos from unarchiving the wrong image... Make clear notes when Acronis gives you the chance... that's today's hard-learned lesson!)

  the Rascal 20:07 04 May 2007

Thanks for the info hjh

  Input Overload 23:08 04 May 2007

Yes use true image & save the image(s) either on DVD or an external hard drive & you wont ever need the recovery partition.

  woodchip 23:19 04 May 2007

Yes to all your Post

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