Need software for D-Link DSL 604+

  Granger 13:42 23 May 2006

I lost the CD for this thing when I moved house, and D-Link don't seem to provide the software for it anymore. Does anyone here have one, and could they help me out with the software? Or can anyone help me find the software on the net somewhere? I've Googled but not turned up anything useful.

  Totally-braindead 13:44 23 May 2006
  Totally-braindead 13:51 23 May 2006

This may help click here

  wobblymike 14:43 23 May 2006

I've got one happy to copy it and send it to you if you wish - remember however that if you are using an ethernet connection between it and your PC you don't need it.

  Granger 15:24 23 May 2006

That would be great Wobblymike. I want to use it wirelessly, so I think I need the software to do the web-based configuration. Is it okay to email you to give you my address?

Totally-braindead - your first link was a firmware upgrade. In the manual (which I also got from your link) it says how to load the file into the device. Should I unzip it first? I've never done a firmware upgrade!

  wobblymike 15:42 23 May 2006


You're welcome to e mail me and I'm happy to copy the disc for you - be advised however that provided your initial connection is ethernet you do not need any of the software to use it wirelessly.

  Totally-braindead 10:41 24 May 2006

I wouldn't recommend a firmware upgrade unless the device has a problem or there is a particular issue you wish to solve, if it works ok once you get the disk from wobblymike then I'd just leave it.
To answer the question you unzip the file, usually theres a readme file that tells you what to do next.

  Taff™ 11:05 24 May 2006

All good advice but note that the router model stated is not the G604T (Which I thought from previous posts is wobblymike`s router?) In any event at the bottom of the first link from Totally-braindead you can download the manual. As stated you don`t need any software for the router itself, just follow the manual for set up. You may need software for a USB wireless adapter or an internal wireless card so post back if this is the case. Good luck.

  Granger 13:04 25 May 2006

Hi guys, sorry I went quiet for a day, had to go away unexpectedly. I'll have a go a doing it without the disc - don't want to bother wobblymike unnecessarily. My model is definitely the DSL-604+, not the G604T. I'll leave this unticked for now till I confirm I can do it if that's okay.

  wobblymike 17:47 25 May 2006

In case you're confused my model is the same as yours. let me know if you want the disc or you need a hand with configuring it.

  karmgord 20:05 25 May 2006

is n't the setup software embedded in the firmware? i have a dsl 604+ and you access the set up either by hardwire ethernet connection or wirelessly via the default address,usually click here you will need to know username and password if you changed them from the default setting which happens to be "default" for both settings

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