need a SIMPLE incremental backup programmeba

  Paul2008 07:36 27 May 2011

Hi folks Am looking for a SIMPLE backup programme that ONLY backs up the changed files since the last backup AND is very easy to set up and use. Have tried, Acronis, Paragon, Backup Master and they are very complicated or back up everything and not just the changed files since last backup which means a lot of space being lost. Would appreciate any help and suggestions. Thanks Paul2008

  eedcam 08:35 27 May 2011

Check this out its free for today link text

  canarieslover 08:51 27 May 2011

On FE's recommendation I now use Synctoy link text which is totally free and can be set up in several different ways. It's not really for backing up the system but is great for all the data folders that you are constantly using.

1: Click Here

  Diemmess 09:25 27 May 2011

Try EZBackitup. This is for every type of data file but not system files.

It allows you to use a Windows Explorer type of window to select which files or folders you wish to backup (copy) and where to save the data.

Used in a simple way it will copy everything the first time, but after that will only overwrite any new or altered files. This is now a repeatable action which can be saved if you wish to make an alternative set of saved documents.

Once set up the progam only has to be opened and clicked on a green arrow in the menu bar. Subequent backups take very little time to complete.

  mooly 13:15 27 May 2011

Acronis is simple... I can't understand you saying it doesn't back up "just the files that have changed"... it does.

I use it daily and it is quick and easy to use. It takes all of 1 minute to open the program and set up an incremental backup to run on demand. Each daily run then takes around 2 to 3 minutes to complete...

And best of all... it works faultlessly when you need to recover from it.

  Paul2008 08:37 29 May 2011

Hi Folks Appreciate your replies. Many thanks Paul2008

  Diemmess 09:50 30 May 2011

There is no "One size fits all" method.

Users vary between those who install everything on drive C: to those who keep C: for the operating system only.

I'm in between, keeping C: for the OS and applications, but data of every kind is kept in appropriate folders on another drive. e.g. Word Documents in a Word folder, Pictures in Pics and its sub-folders etc. This allows me to backup and restore drive C: reasonably quickly.(This is Acronis' job).

Data alone is easily backed up in a matter of seconds using EZBackitup (see my earlier post May 27th at 9:25)

  Muergo 02:01 01 Jun 2011

As mooly has said Acronis does what you want, just click inremental or full, or simpler still use continuous backup, that runs all the time so you only think about it when you hanve need of restore.

The latest Acronis TI is the simplest to use, I had some difficulty with the older version.

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