Need to setup Company Email for small business

  jamessk 12:16 14 Aug 2012

Hello all,

I would like to hear peoples thoughts on the best way to setup email for my business.

My company have an email address [email protected] which we currently have forwarded to a hotmail account and we work out of hotmail... terrible I know.

We'd like to step it up a gear and be able to share the email account in Mircosoft Outlook (not Hotmail) across 2 different shops across London. We would ideally like to know when an email has been replied to or deleted .etc. across both shops which are in different parts of London.

We have a website, and web server with our hosting, not sure if this helps, I would assume it would have to be on a completely different server, I may be wrong.

It would also have to be secure

If anyone can point me in the right direction I'll be able to investigate the solution further

I really appreciate anyone's help and advice

Kind Regards James

  mgmcc 08:59 18 Aug 2012

I'd suggest you use your ISP's own mail service with IMAP protocol instead of POP3, then redirect your "own domain" mail to that address. Outgoing main can still use your personal domain address, but using your ISP's SMTP server.

With IMAP all messages, both sent and received, will be available to any computers that you connect to the server.

  LastChip 00:37 19 Aug 2012

Setting up an email server is not for the faint hearted. There are however "tun key" options that may or may not suit your purposes.

One such solution can be found here.

If you want a secure email server, then you are looking at a whole different level. However, you could implement email encryption, which would require all users to encrypt their emails as part of the sending process. The problem with that is, they may not bother and simply send the email unencrypted.

Alternatively, you need to channel the whole process through something called a secure shell, otherwise known as SSH. You can find more information here.

The bottom line is, almost all conventional email is not secure. It can be relatively easily intercepted and read.

Don't expect to set-up a secure server in 5 minutes. You'll probably need many hours of reading and understanding to do it properly. And then you've got the on-going issues of security to monitor and address.

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