Need to run a program on 98 but my computer is XP?

  Will 15:23 01 Mar 2006

I have an 80 gig HDD partitioned into 4 with XP being the OS on the first partition. I have a program (Pinnicle Studio 10) which only works in Win 98. I have it set up on an old computer I have put together after upgrades etc but I would like it to be in the same box as my main XP computer. I have 2 options, first to install Win 98 onto a partition on the XP HDD or could I simply put the HDD from the other computer with the Win98 installed onto the IDE cable? If I did the latter how would I get into the Win98 OS? Any advice before I start?

  Stuartli 15:25 01 Mar 2006

Have you tried the XP Program Compatibility Wizard first?

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:26 01 Mar 2006

Will it not work in compatibility mode on Win XP.

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:26 01 Mar 2006


  Stuartli 15:30 01 Mar 2006

Nothing to apologise for - we probably posted very closely to each other or you were typing before posting...:-)

  stlucia 16:45 01 Mar 2006

Surely it runs in Win XP? It's a current (though not very highly recommended, it seems) software.

  Smiler 16:49 01 Mar 2006

Pinnacle Studio 10 will ONLY work with XPit won't work with 98

  Smiler 16:51 01 Mar 2006
  Will 17:02 01 Mar 2006

sorry guys I obviously have the wrong version but I can asure you it will only work in Win98, I went throught the research and and to the company and got the difinative answer from them company. So do you think I can put this 2nd disk in or could I install 98 on one of the partitions? what do you think?

  stlucia 19:59 01 Mar 2006

You can't simply put the other disk in and expect Win 98 (that's already on it) to run. Windows needs to be installed while the HDD is in the machine it's going to run on.

The normal way to get a dual-boot facility is to install Win 98 first, and then install Win XP as a full install, not an upgrade. The XP install will automatically create the dual-boot facility.

Maybe there's another way with XP already installed, but I'll have to leave it to others to help you with that.

  Bagsey 22:50 01 Mar 2006

Put your hd into a HD Caddy. Then fit a second HD into another tray for the caddy and install win 98 on it.To change from XP to 98 switch off. swap the tray over and reboot. keeps different os separate.
However I run XP home and Pinnacle studio 10, after all it was designed for xp. I dont think Studio 10 has been out 12 months yet so they are hardly likely to design a new program for an out of date OS like 98.

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