Need a replacement router for my current?

  Zopah 07:40 30 Jan 2008

Hi all,
I have a Netgear router with advertised "108mbps" speeds, however, with 20mb broadband, I rarely ever go above ten. On my LAN box, I regularly hit the 18mb mark, so you can see my problem, especially as I game mostly upstairs, and I get seconds of unbearable lag every few minutes.
Look at my ping, it goes from 30-90 within a second, which doesn't happen on the LAN box.

Either way, I believe its the fault of the router.
Can anyone recommend a router that I could pick up down the road at Comet/Currys?
The adapter I'm using on my wireless system is a Belkin MIMO adapter and I'm wondering if its worth getting a pre-N router or a G+ MIMO one.

Any help would be much appreicated, as I'm losing the will to live with the constant issues with the router.

  Zopah 07:43 30 Jan 2008

Sorry, I forget to add.
I have forwarded all ports and turned on uPnP and such. My router is also downstairs and my system is upstairs. So I need range with speed, so anyone with previous experience with slow speeds/poor range would be nice.

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