Need to remove partition on new hard drive

  parsnipnic 00:06 30 Jan 2008

Hi. Hope someone can help me.

I recently purchased a new 120Gb hard drive for my desktop pc (Dell Optiplex GX260) to replace my old drive of 8Gb. I didn't have a clue what to do so I followed online advice and used a bootable Hard drive copying program. Despite reading up on the topic I wasn't 100% sure what i was doing. The end result was that I had copied everything onto my new drive AND partitioned it. All my files were on a new C:partition and a second partiton, H:, was created. Didnt seem like a big deal at the time but to my dismay C: was 8Gb and H: was 112Gb, furthermore to my horror my research suggests it cannot be undone, without erasing the drive. I ended up using the NTFS file system. I searched
high and low to find a way of unpartitioning the drive but I am told I can't fiddle with the 'system' partition.

I have Windows XP and share the computer with my wife who has her own username. Everything revolves around 'My documents' and the user profiles, which are stuck on the C: partition, which has no space left. I have since faffed about trying to solve the issue. I put shortcuts in the My documents folder to the H:drive to try to solve the issue. Now i have a Program files folder on the H:partition, and as time goes on i am finding more problems with the partition.

I know I can wipe the drive and try again but i don't have enough space on the old drive to put everything back on to it.

Does anyone know an alternative?

  MAJ 00:49 30 Jan 2008

You could probably resize the C partition using Acronis Disk Director. click here

  Kemistri 01:40 30 Jan 2008

If you just use it as a system partition, you could get away with 8GB and not need to change it if you don't want to do so, depending on your cache demands. My 12GB system partition has about 5.5GB of free space with caches placed elsewhere.

  parsnipnic 01:40 30 Jan 2008


Thanks. I downloaded the free trial software and seemed to suggest it could do it, but at the last second said i needed the full version. At that price, It'd be cheaper to buy a new drive. Is there a free way of doing the same thing?

  Kemistri 01:45 30 Jan 2008

Paragon, which I use on one system, is free to try, as is MAJ's recommendation. All available here: click here

  parsnipnic 01:52 30 Jan 2008

Hi Kemistri

yeah thats how i'm running it at the moment only with 'My documents' and user files on the System partition too. If I could move the users 'documents and settings' to the H:partition and keep the system files on c: that would solve it. Can they be separated without messing up everything?

  paul€ 02:18 30 Jan 2008

You have an email.

  MAJ 09:50 30 Jan 2008


You have an email."

Sounds ominous. ;-)

  Kemistri 10:27 30 Jan 2008

You do not need to have any of the "My Documents" folders on C. That's how it gets to be just a system partition, with another for programs (those that give you a choice) and others for documents. There need not be any documents at all on C (with the exception of Office templates).
You do NOT NEED to partition (before anyone chips in to that effect) -- you can do it if it benefits you.

  pj123 12:03 30 Jan 2008

Download Ranish from the PCA download pages:

click here

It is free and should do what you want to do.

  parsnipnic 18:14 30 Jan 2008

thanks everyone for your help. Managed to get the right program for the job. No more pointless partition! :)

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