Need to remove 2 trojans

  Stuart Leyland 00:11 29 May 2003

Hi all.

According to Housecall Anti virus (click here) I have two trojans on my computer: BKDR_RAMDAM.A and BKDR_SDBOT.GEN. I have managed to find some information on the latter of the two (click here) but with regards to removal, I have not found anything which will work.

All information on that page about removal is not applicable as I cannot find any of the files that are supposedly infected by it. I use AVG anti virus which I ran a complete scan from this evening. It found 1 virus/trojan/worm and repaired it (I believe). To make sure I then ran the test again and nothing appeared.

Does anyone know how to remove these two trojans?



  Terrahawk 00:19 29 May 2003

try this
click here

  bvw in bristol 00:19 29 May 2003

click here for Ramdam.a which states:

This is a server program of a backdoor dropped by WORM_XMS.A, a malware that spreads via Kazaa. It installs itself and compromises the security of the affected system.

  woodchip 00:24 29 May 2003

First Trojan click here Cannot fid any info on the second

  Stuart Leyland 00:30 29 May 2003

Thanks for the links guys. I've just downloaded Spybot and it is running now. Thanks Terrahawk.

bvw in bristol and woodchip. I came across those pages that you've linked to earlier and the problem was that I couldn't identify the Malware Program which put a halt to the proceddings from the off!

As I say, I'm giving Spybot a go and see what it returns and post in the morning (off to bed now).

Thanks for the help once again.

  beeuuem 00:37 29 May 2003

Symantec say this is the same trojan

Also Known As: Backdoor.Sdbot.gen [KAV], IRC-Sdbot [McAfee]
Variants: Backdoor.Sdbot

Removal instructions: click here

  Stuart Leyland 09:24 29 May 2003

Hi beeuuem.

Looking at the instructions on that page, I cannot find any of the offending registry keys meaning that I cannot delete it.

Spybot last night found many things on my computer but none of them had any mention of either of the two trojans.

I'm now totally lost! Any more help would be greatly appreciated.


  colberly 09:42 29 May 2003

Try Trojan remover from www. you can get a 30day free trial, after which it costs around £20 if you want to continue to use it.

  colberly 09:45 29 May 2003

Don't know why the link didn't work as normal here it is again
click here

  Stuart Leyland 09:49 29 May 2003

Hi colberly.

There was a space between the www. and the ;)

Just downloaded and installed Trojan Remover and it has already found and removed (I think) Backdoor.Sdbot.gen. Hopefully it manages to remove the other one as well.

I'll report back when it has finished but it is looking promising so far.

  beeuuem 09:49 29 May 2003

Does Housecall still say that you have the virus? It may be worth running it again if you can't find any infected registry keys.

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