Need to reinstall Windows XP

  sellewe 16:23 26 Jan 2003

I have a Hpwlett Packard Pavilion 452(uk) with Windows XP Home which came with this installed but have some missing DLL files, marscore.dll but also an error code 0x7e. I have searched the web as well as contacting Microsoft and HP without any results. As a last resort I would try to reinstall Windows but as there is no CD supplied could someone please let me know how to propceed ?

  pj123 16:41 26 Jan 2003

before you try a re-install try this.

go to start
go to programmes
go to accessories
go to system tools
go to system restore
and follow the prompts.

  sellewe 17:03 26 Jan 2003

Thanks pj, but I have tried that without any success as the system shuts down and restarts without any change or prompts. I think I have tried all that I know whout any progress and reinstall is the only thing left I can think as the next step but would like to have some input as to how to proceed.

  pj123 17:13 26 Jan 2003

Give me a little time as I have a friend who is expert on XP. unfortunately he is not answering his fone at the moment. Will get back to you asap


  PSF 20:17 26 Jan 2003

If you want to repair your XP, set you cd as Ist boot drive.

put the XP cd in the drive and re-boot.
When the pc starts it will ask if you want to boot from cd choose yes.

You then get an option to repair the installation or a clean re-install.

Choose the repair option and follow the instructions. When the pc reboots it will re-install XP, you will not loose any of your programs. You will have to reinstall the XP SP1 again...

I did this the other day and it takes about 45 mins to complete, I thought I had lost it all when first it started to load Windows.

After is was all re-installed and running I had to re-activate Windows before I could use the pc again. Have your numbers handy. It would not recognise my internet connection at first and so I re-activated it on the phone. It is a straight forward procedure, with loads of numbers that have to be entered.

Good Luck.

  PSF 20:20 26 Jan 2003

oops, just re-read your first post, you do not have the cd. Is Windows stored on a separate partion on your hard drive?

  sellewe 20:12 27 Jan 2003

Thanks PSF, The XP is stored on partition D: but I do not know how to reinstall it .

  PSF 21:09 27 Jan 2003

I have only repaired XP from a cd before.
Can you set the D: drive to be first boot option in the BIOS. If you can you should be able to re-install from the D: drive.

Anyone correct me if I am wrong as I have not tried that before.

  Elrond 21:11 27 Jan 2003

Why haven't you been supplied with at least a recovery disk from HP? I'd contact them to be honest

  farnz 22:12 27 Jan 2003

The disc you got from HP should have win XP on it even if it is not labelled up as such, it may just be called system disc or setup disc etc, put it in and see what comes up on screen. Good luck.

  farnz 22:15 27 Jan 2003

Also you could try to copy XP to CD from your partotion D you would have to just navigate to the setup icon on the cd & double click. Maybe you could just do this from your D partition anyway? Just install it back to C ??

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