need to reinstall windows xp

  ************ 17:55 30 Sep 2006

could anyone advise? i have a dell pc that runs on xp....i have activation code on side of pc but i have no windows disc or restore disc.
do i need the original windows disc?, or can i use someone elses disc and insert my code on the pc?
or have i got to bite the bullet and buy the whole xp package.

  rsinbad 18:02 30 Sep 2006

any original disc will do just put in your code when asked for

  Diodorus Siculus 18:03 30 Sep 2006

I think that physically it will work - ie if the disk you use has the same windows and SP version as that on the serial number, it will work.

I'm not sure of the legal situation though so you'd be best waiting for someone who knows.

  skidzy 18:09 30 Sep 2006

If you have no recovery disc or windows disc,you could try a recovery if you have windows on a partition.

Recovery to factory settings:

Tapping F11 on startup will give you 3 options.

You may have a different key for the recovery setting.

Hope this helps.

  ************ 18:50 30 Sep 2006

i have tried to install from another xp disc and add my own activation code from the side of the pc, but no success, keeps saying incorrect activation code.

any suggestions

  Diodorus Siculus 19:05 30 Sep 2006

The other CD must be a different version or one be retail and the other OEM.

Best to buy a new CD :-(

  bluto1 19:24 30 Sep 2006

Can you remember if the original installation had SP2. If so you`ll have to load XP from a disc containing SP2.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:46 30 Sep 2006

Can you make your own recovery discs if your system is still working, my VAIO came without any discs but had onboard programme to create system recovery discs.

  dave726587 19:52 30 Sep 2006

click here a friend of myn used this on his dell and it appears as geniune on windows geniune advantage tool and it doesent ask you for a cd key.

  ventanas 20:36 30 Sep 2006

Dell supply a restore program on a hidden partition. When you first switch on there should be a blue bar across the top of the screen. When you see this immediately press Ctrl-F11. This will activate the restore program. Follow the on-screen instructions. But if you have already tried to reinstall using another disc, which is illegal, you could well have wiped off this restore program. If this is the case you have no choice but to buy another full retail version of XP. You cannot use another disc with your code.

  Forum Editor 20:39 30 Sep 2006

as you've discovered.

Follow the advice given by ventanas, or buy another copy of Windows XP.

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