Need to reboot/reformat...clear pc processes !.

  Fixme 17:41 12 Apr 2006

Hello there,

Just want to clear up on a few things. I have bought a PC brand new about 2 and half years ago and have never reformatted the pc yet , I wish to do so as my pc seems sluggish and there are alot of processes running when I check via the task manager.

What can I do? I thought of reformatting the pc but then I would lose all the photographs and documents that I have saved, is there a way I can save all the documents/photos before the reformat?

As regards to the proccesses running on the task manager, how do I know which ones i need and which i dont? I dont want to take any risk to damage the pc. Are the Procceses the same as the registry files?

I have looked up on a few others forums and website but they all seems confusing to me.

Any advice would be much appreicated.

Thanks in Advance.


  Diodorus Siculus 17:57 12 Apr 2006

click here
Startup list of what's necessary and what's not.

You can copy your photos / documents etc to CD or DVD - I presume you have a writer given the age of the PC.

What sort of recovery disk came with the PC?

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