Need an opinion on Asus A7V333 mobo

  starslayer 18:07 22 Jan 2003
  starslayer 18:07 22 Jan 2003

Can anyone give me the word on this motherboard? In particular the value for money and longevity/possibility of expansion. Cheers.

  special sophie 18:19 22 Jan 2003

I've just ordered one from ebuyer according to this click here it's one of the best amd boards for the money I have installed one for a customer who required a gaming system and he has done nothing but praise it its fast stable and packed full of features and its ASUS which in my opinion means quality. I'm a fan of ASUS boards can you tell

  mcullum_DX4Life 18:22 22 Jan 2003

I have an Asus A7V8X, have had onee since they first came out, and i cant fault it. I deffo recommend Asus boards. get an ipanel with them as well if you like overclocking or just keeping an eye on you pc. Also the ipanel has front USB, sound and serial ports.

  Psiman 19:33 22 Jan 2003

In my humble amatur opinion, it's not the easiest of boards to set up, but if you are comfortable with the 'insides' of a computer then you should have no problem. It's one of the fastest 333MHz mobos. I keep my A7V333 in it's box and it comes out only for troubleshooting or to O/C something of interest. My everyday PCs run EPoX boards.

  Scarthy © ® ™ 20:30 22 Jan 2003

My mate has one and he is getting very very high temperatures from it. A bloke at a local computer fair told him that there is a fault with these boards, something to do with the temperature sensors or something. His is running upto 75c and then shutting down. He is going to contact the manufacturer to see about it. (;o)))

  mcullum_DX4Life 20:33 22 Jan 2003

nope, all he needs to solve the problem will be a BIOS update, it was the same with the A7V8X at first, but it has since been corrected. The guy at the computer fair was probably a con man hoping to sell him another motherboard. Fault My Ass as Jim Royale would say! :D

  RoG47 20:40 22 Jan 2003

I agree with Scarthy © ® ™. If you look at the posts here, if you could lol, for AMD X\P cpu's and this board.

They are quite a few problems.

Alright this is probably only a very tiny percentage of all boards sold, but they are problems.

  fitfella29 20:50 22 Jan 2003

ive never had any problems with the mentioned board.

  special sophie 20:57 22 Jan 2003

name me a board that there aren't problems with

  RoG47 22:37 22 Jan 2003

special sophie. Yes most boards do have the occasional problem.

The only point I am trying to make with this one is that they are a few who cannot run their cpu's at full speed. They might buy an expensive Athlon + X\P and find that they can only run it comfortably at duron settings. i.e. 100mhz.

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