Need a new PSU but I aint got a clue!

  Klappers 21:04 06 Dec 2005

Hi, recently i've been thinking about upgrading my graphics card. I've been looking at the geforce 6600 256mb to replace my fx5200. Now i thought this was going to be easy, just a case of swapping the cards. But, today i discovered that the card i want requires a 400W or more PSU. Currently i only have a 300w PSU. My question for anyone that might be able to help, is how will i choose the right psu? I mean can i just buy any one i want or will certain ones only fit certain machines. And secondly , is it hard to install a new psu or can a complete novice do it? Thanks in advance for any help.

  wallbash 21:20 06 Dec 2005

Yes and yes

With a bit of care , the swopping of a PSU is simple.
All connections 'should' only fit one way , you also have the advantage of seeing the orig one in place before you start!

Buying the right one??? being a cheapskate, price comes top of my list, but if i had the money would consider one that called itself quite.

  wallbash 21:23 06 Dec 2005

Sorry should have added , check that wot you have is an ATX ( will be on label on orig psu )
then google ,

  Tycho 21:24 06 Dec 2005

I would be careful about the amout of noise that a PSU can generate. I bouhg one from a local shop in an emergency. After a few months I could not stnd the racket any more and bough a new one which was much quieter. It was a Nexus IIRC. Have a quick Google for quiet PSU's before you decide which one. They are more expensive but for me they are worth it.


  xania 21:24 06 Dec 2005

I think you mean <Quiet>, Wallbash, and frankly, they're still pretty cheap. Pop along to a computer fair and you'll be amazed.

  Klappers 21:31 06 Dec 2005

Thanks for the replies, this is a very helpful forum!

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:42 06 Dec 2005

Just got a Jeantech Arctic 600W PSU. With the fan set to auto it is very quiet and the voltages are very close to the correct values and very stable, more so, on both counts, than any PSU I have used before. The cables are all sleaved and it is modular so you only use the cables you need.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:43 06 Dec 2005

Got it in PCWorld for £69.

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