Need a new PC, want confirmation on requirements.

  ritchieJB 13:51 28 Feb 2009

I'm looking at a new PC. Straight to the point, this is what I do on my PC at the moment.

Eve online 5 - 10 hours per week - graphics on mid range settings.

WoW 2 - 5 hours per week - graphics also on mid range settings.

MS Office based Typing and coursework
Net Browsing via Firefox
Occasional iTunes music only downloads
Occasional Youtube or similar

NO film downloads, NO other gaming at all.
Have a good and reputable ISP on a 4Mbps local connection on a slightly overloaded local exchange. Via wireless I average test connections of around 2.4 Mbps and actual download speeds of around 75 - 200 Kbps - VERY poor!

(I'm telling you all this so you can gauge my requirements)

At the moment I do this (usually with one of the games running in the background) on the following 4 year old, home built, setup:

1.6Ghz Sempron CPU
1.5 Gb RAM
300 Gb HDD - only 70Gb full!
Gainward 128Mb 6600GT nVidea card
Belkin wireless G USB adaptor - yes I know, but it was cheap! :)
BT Voyager 2100 router
Windows XP Pro

This system copes remarkably well really, I can surf Firefox and play a game without killing the system, but lately it is getting a little slower and the HDD noisier.

To replace it I am looking at a Novatech system along the lines of:

Intel Core2Duo 2 x 2.8 Ghz 3MB
4 Gb RAM
200 Gb HDD
nVidea 9600 GT 512 Mb ( or maybe a 9800 IF I can afford this)

Could some of you (far more up to date than me) guys have a look at this setup and see how well it will work please?

I have had a lot of people scoff saying that I need a gaming PC, but I shoot them down in flames when I prove that my current build is doing that without problems at the moment (I'm only replacing due to age and future-proofing - ooh, I used a cliche!)

If you compound the relative speeds of a 1.6 sempron compared to a 2 x 2.8 intel then it works out at least 5 times more powerful (in very simple terms) so I understand that it WILL cope and I will in future be able to play with graphics settings on HIGH, but this is the ONLY gaming I intend to do on this machine. Questions are though: Would this processor and gfx card be MASSIVE overkill? as my budget is £400 to £430 MAX then would I be better just getting a simpler system and keeping the change? I know the general rule of AMD/leisure Intel/work but AMD systems do seem to cope really well with officey type situations, plus I've not had Intel for at least ten years and maybe I'm just fancying a change.

Your advice would be very gratefully received and I'm sorry if this post is so huge, but I thought it best to cover all the bases :)

P.S. I live in a 1940s prefab concrete and girder house, would wireless N make any difference? Considering that most modern office buildings are concrete and steel I would've thought my reception situation would be the same as commercial.

  DieSse 15:20 28 Feb 2009

I can't see anything wrong with that spec for what you are doing.

Are you sure your downloads are 75-200Kbps, and not 75-200KBps (This is the units they are normally shown on screen in). This latter speed would be quite good for a nominal 4Mbps connection.

4Mbps actually equates to 240-250KBps in real life downloading.

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