Need a new pc

  philly73 14:43 29 Aug 2006

Hello to all,
i'm now ready to buy a new pc but as you are all aware we are all spoilt for choice with all the deals etc in stores and online.bit of a sob story for you i had an accident a couple of years ago which has left me paralysed and unable to work,therefore i recieve benefits and its took me sometime to save up 2k towards a new pc.therefore this is going to be a 'LONG TERM' investment for me and need a good rounded pc thats going to be able to keep up with the times ie upgradeable if need be etc and not have to save up again in 12months to buy a new pc.So i am asking for your recommendations.I am not technically minded at all all i can tell you is what i use my pc for and that i am looking at going to college to do some type of computer studies to learn more and to get the best use out of my pc .
at the moment all i use my pc for playing films/music i dont play games as my hand function is bad and cant play them.i spend hours and hours online surfing the net talking to friends etc on msn and downloading films/music etc the 1 thing i know i want is windows media 2005 as i will need to burn films to dvd etc to free up space and like the idea of editing and messing around with photo's etc ...any help recommendations will be greatfully appreciated

  philly73 14:46 29 Aug 2006

i forgot to mention that i also would like wireless internet as the pc is situated in a different room to the phoneline inlet and dont want cables runninig from 1 room down a hallway and into anther room.

  cyberping 14:49 29 Aug 2006

Dell & Evesham make good PC's, as do Mesh who sadly do seem to get some negative postings here.

You could also try click here who also seem to cater for high end gamer PC's. 2k should see a good spec pc.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:17 29 Aug 2006

You only need to spend no more than £800 to get a good PC and a 19" screen. This will be more than enough for what you need and I would go for this here Write back if you need help configuring but the basic model will be more than you need for the next few years.


  wee eddie 18:57 29 Aug 2006

so you can probably knock £200 off GANDALF <|:-)>'s estimate.

  philly73 19:01 29 Aug 2006

i dont have a monitor as i'm changing from a laptop

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:22 29 Aug 2006

If you don't go for the 3yr at home service you can knock around 150 squid off the price as well and put it towards some more RAM.


  philly73 15:11 11 Sep 2006

many thanks for the advice everyone.

best regards

  woodchip 16:18 11 Sep 2006

You would get a good enough PC for £500 to do what you want and should last a few years. Buy an ice-cream with what’s left

  philly73 18:54 11 Sep 2006

thats some ice cream woodchip lol

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