need a new motherboard

hi, as you may have read, i find myself in the market for a new motherboard, can anyone offer advice, im a little gutted as apart from what seems to be a dicky pci express slot my system is very stable, quiet and cool, i have tried and failed to get a straight replacement for my compaq presario sr1909uk but would rather fight a large group of bears naked than give hp a penny!
i dont really understand a motherboard too well, the one i have seems fine its a ASUS A8M2N-LA nodus
i have upgraded everything else, so im guessing i could do with a better one anyhow.
so can you advise me of a suitable one please?

new case coolermaster cm media atx
amd 5200x2 am2 socket
akasa evo 120 cooler
4x 1gb 800mz ddr2 ram
8800 gtx
thermalright hr3 cooler
2x 7200 rpm hdds
1, dvd reader/ writer
1000 watt atx psu
1x external hdd, 1x canon printer, 1x webcam 1x mouse.

any recommendations please and are there any more hp non standard parts issues, any problems with my windows or drivers?
any advice, as always gratefully recieved.

this has the same 6150 chipset as mine, would it work? what is the chipset? i thought it was the graphics, i little confused now!
click here

  keef66 13:08 15 Jun 2007

In computing, the term chipset is commonly used to refer to a set of specialized chips on a computer's motherboard or an expansion card. In personal computers based on Intel Pentium-class microprocessors, the term often refers to a specific pair of chips on the motherboard: the northbridge and the southbridge. The northbridge links the CPU to very high-speed devices, especially main memory and graphics controllers, and the southbridge connects to lower-speed peripheral buses (such as PCI or ISA). In many modern chipsets, the southbridge actually contains some on-chip integrated peripherals, such as Ethernet, USB, and audio devices. A chipset is usually designed to work with a specific family of microprocessors. Because it controls communications between the processor and external devices, the chipset plays a crucial role in determining system performance.

  keef66 13:14 15 Jun 2007

I looked on Ebuyer for AM2 socket mobos and found a bewildering choice. I too would look for the same chipset, and make sure it takes the memory you currently have. Also worth checking that it will take your processor.

(I notice the mobo you link to is matx, so it's smaller than your current atx board.)

well spotted, and thanks for the replies, i would have missed that, what a minefield! im going to look at my pci express slot at the weekend, as i dont really want the hassle of fitting a new mobo or getting whinges from microsoft, i cant see any problem with the pci express slot and its fine with a smaller graphics card, i'll see if it at work have any ideas, if i buy and fit a new mobo and get the same problem i wont be happy!
many thanks.

  Quiet Life 14:56 15 Jun 2007

There seems very little left of the original PC! It makes no sense to look for a new mother board,especially if the old graphics card works OK, without having the new graphics card tested as it would seem to be the more likely problem part. Exchange it for another one on the basis it is not working correctly and see how the new one performs.

yeah sorry guys, i think i had a bad sli lead on my psu, seems ok will wait and see, i never had any screen probs the grx card just stopped, as its fed from its own power supply it couldnt have been the pci slot, and when i lfted the card to re seat obviously moved the power cable too!i must think harder before posting, thanks for the replies.

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