Need a New Graphic Card?

  Sapins 15:40 20 May 2004

I think the Graphics Card could be on the way to the great recycle bin in the sky, I keep getting horizontal rows of coloured ( Mainly Red ) dots on the screen and I have had 3 "Windows has recovered from a serious error" which have pointed to the graphics card.

I have Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 1 (build 2600), a 650 megahertz Intel Pentium III
processor, 512MB of SD Ram, and the current card is 3dfx Voodoo3 [Display adapter]

More dots appearing as I type!! and now an error message "Device failure" and the computer has gone into safe mode.

Back again with a couple of more lines of dots.

I only want a basic i.e. cheap, replacement card so can anyone suggest one for me please, and where I might get it to be sent to France.

Prices for graphics cards are falling, and the spec is going sky-high, so go for something like NVidia GeForce MX4000, which is 128Mb and only about £35 from the high street (cheaper online)- if you have AGP (4x), of course; if you are stuck with PCI, you can get a more limited range, and they'll run more slowly. If you buy online, delivery is no problem. Try click here, or click here.

  Sapins 15:58 20 May 2004

Hi Leezer, explain AGP (4x) please, will info from Belarc be any use?



  westdudes 15:58 20 May 2004

some good deals from here click here

  Sapins 16:08 20 May 2004

Thanks for the link westdudes, getting plenty of homework to do :-)

I have delved into the tower to install more memory, a new hard drive and a new CD RW, and a usb2 card with ports at the front as well as the back of the tower. Will I be able to manage to install a new graphics card, and do you get instructions with the card like memory upgrades? See. still not too confident :-((

  Sapins 17:13 20 May 2004

Dot, Dot, Dot,

  christmascracker 17:26 20 May 2004

If you've already fitted a HDD, a CD RW and a usb card you'll have no trouble fitting a graphics card, and if I can do it anyone can!!

Have a look here click here

  Sapins 19:07 20 May 2004

Just what I am looking for christmascracker, many thanks,



Sorry, Sapins, didn't mean to be technical - but AGP slots, although standard in many ways, do allow for different speed of throughput. So if a PCI slot runs at 33Mbps (normally), then the AGP runs at double that, i.e. 66Mbps - this is the starting point, or 1x. On more modern motherboards, this is accelerated to 2x, 4x or 8x, with speeds doubling each time. You need to know the maximum your motherboard will support (probably 4x), and make sure the card you choose can run at 4x (if it is designed to run at 8x, it may not work). Don't worry unduly, since graphics cards themselves should detect the maximum capabilities of your motherboard, and configure themselves appropriately. Memory shouldn't be too big a worry either, since a faster graphics card will ease the load on your conventional RAM, since it has its own RAM on the card. Only thing to note re installation: make sure you uninstall or disable your existing Display adapter before shutting down and removing the old graphics card; otherwise it may try to use the old drivers for the new card when you reboot with the new one.

  Sapins 19:15 20 May 2004

No apology required Leezer, your explanation is clear enough for me, many thanks to you and everyone who responded. I have enough info now to search out and fit a new card.



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