Need new battery for Acer Aspire 1640 laptop

  amyfleur 23:12 31 Jul 2009

I have an Acer Aspire 1640 laptop. The battery needs replacing. I have found a battery on a website (batteries4less) which is recommended as being compatible, but the Capacity is quoted as 4400mAh, whereas my current battery has half that capacity. Would it still be okay to use this higher 4400mAh, or would it do damage to the laptop.
Thanks for any feedback on this.

  golfpro 07:09 01 Aug 2009

I have used batteries on my mobile which have been slightly over the recommended capacity, and they have been OK. However a laptop produces more heat than a mobile phone, plus if it did damage your laptop you guarantee would be void. If I was you I would order one from your local Acer dealer, or search for a cheaper original from another site.
Don't forget although the non original battery has more power doesn't necessarily mean it will last longer.

  golfpro 07:31 01 Aug 2009

Having said all that, if the laptop is rather old and no longer under guarantee you have nothing to lose. Having read the reviews on this model the battery life seems to be the weak point, and anything you can do to extend this can't be bad. So I would go for the cheap model from batteries4less and save yourself some money, after all they do guarantee it for a year.

  sunnystaines 11:39 01 Aug 2009

what sort of prices are you being quoted.

  amyfleur 12:33 01 Aug 2009

Golfpro, The laptop is 3 yrs old, 2 yrs to run on the warranty. Thanks for advice.

Sunnystaines, £39.99 inc. vat.

  Pamy 21:30 18 Aug 2009

"2 yrs to run on the warranty." Contact suplier

  Pamy 16:01 19 Aug 2009

Hi, so how did ou resolve your problem?

  Lestat_1662 14:38 25 Aug 2009

A well known online auction company have many acer aspire batteries at under £30, just pick one from a reputable seller. The capacity won't hurt your laptop get the largest you can get for the money you want to spend.
The capacity you refer to is measured in milliamp hours (mAh) so the battery you described will supply 4400 milli-Amps for 1 hour before it is discharged. As your laptop probably only uses 700mA per hour the battery should last about 6 hours between charges.

  Tech_Guy 23:58 15 Nov 2009

Also have Acer laptop, did you manage to get the laptop battery you needed. Looked on google but so many companies, most in china!

click here click here, seem to be in UK. Who do you recommend?

Thanks for any advice.

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