Need networking help please.

  networknerd 23:50 08 Jun 2005


I'm totally new to networking so require some help. I'd like to network my pc to my laptop but I haven't got a clue how to do it, what to use etc. Could someone advise?

Thanks in advance for any help.

  Strawballs 00:38 09 Jun 2005

Do you have a broad band connection and if so do you want to do it wireless or do you mind having wires between them

  networknerd 00:59 09 Jun 2005


Yes I do have a broadband connection. It's connected to the pc through ethernet cable. I dont mind either wireless or the wires, although because the machines will be quite close, wireless might be better I suppose?

  De Marcus 21:08 09 Jun 2005

If your'e going wireless you need a wireless router, a wireless pcmcia card for the laptop and a wireless pci or usb dongle for the desktop. You can get some good deals on packages which will include all this if you shop around. After that (assuming your'e using XP) you run the windows wireless network setup wizard.

If you do go wireless try your best to make sure the components are all from the same manufacturer as if they're not, you might run into configuration problems.

  networknerd 09:55 10 Jun 2005

Hi, thanks for the advice.

I presume I can get all the things I need from somewhere like PC World?

"a wireless pcmcia card for the laptop"

Ok, how do I connect that to the laptop?

"After that (assuming your'e using XP) you run the windows wireless network setup wizard."

I'm using ME on the pc and Windows 2000 on the laptop, can I still run the windows network setup wizard or do I have to do something else?

  Dipso 23:02 10 Jun 2005

Do you have cable or ADSL broadband as the choice of routers can vary.

You say your machines are close to each other. If it is easy to connect them by wire, this would eliminate the potential security risks associated with wireless networking and you would possibly get a more stable connection. Although, wireless is very convenient as you could use the laptop in any location around the house or even the garden. Wireless is quite safe, as long as you set up adequate security measures.

You can get everything from somewhere like PC World, but shop around first. There are a lot of on-line stores offering wireless network starter bundles.

"Ok, how do I connect that to the laptop? "
A wireless PCMCIA card should just slot into the relevant slot in the laptop.

  networknerd 03:09 13 Jun 2005

I have ADSL Broadband.

I believe connecting them by wire is cheaper so I will look into both options. If I do go wired, do I basically need the same things plus the wires??

  howard60 09:13 13 Jun 2005

see if your laptop and pc are equiped with an rj45 ethernet socket [like a small phone socket] If both machines have these then just get a crossover cat5 cable and plug in. Make sure both pcs belong to the same workgroup I use mshome. If an ethernet card is needed for the pc these are available for about £10 for the laptop you can get a pcmia card with an ethernet socket.

  Dipso 14:55 13 Jun 2005

If you decide to go the cheaper route ie. without a router using a crossover cable, bear in mind that you will have to have to main or gateway PC switched on in order to access the broadband connection from the second PC.

  Dipso 20:44 13 Jun 2005

"have to have THE main or gateway PC switched on..."

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