need to move system stuff to one HDD

  awest3 14:46 16 Jun 2008

I seem to have got myself into a fix. The rather small 20gb HDD on my daughters PC was making a noise so I installed a new disk..320gb. All went well and I copied all My docs, program files etc onto the new drive. She uses the new E drive for all data and most of the system stuff. The old drive is still up and running, still noisey so I want to get everything onto the new drive and make it the only drive.. Silly of me I know, I've been playing with computers for 30 years..mainly mainframe admittedly, I tried to copy all the system files from the old "C" drive to the new one but it had errors so this is not the way to do it...can someone help me please..I've an idea that I have to a) copy all the data off the e drive to an external drive (too much for old "c" drive), b) take an acronis backup of the "c" drive c) restore the "c" backup to the "e" drive, d) restore the data from the external copy back the "e" drive.

This seems fraught with there an easier way to do it...? am I missing anything..?

Thanks in anticipation.


  brundle 15:24 16 Jun 2008

You might want to try this to image the drive. click here

There's a free version too but the giveaway is for the $30 `full version`. Ensure it won't overwrite existing partitions when writing a small image back to a larger drive though, as some drive imaging software does.

  jimv7 15:30 16 Jun 2008

Go to the 320gb manufacturers site, they all have tools to download that will copy the old drive to the new.

  Diemmess 15:52 16 Jun 2008

Acronis is not free but worth buying to have a sure way to make clone type Backups of a whole drive at a time and Restore them when for whatever reason the original drive fails.

In your case the tricky bit is where temporarily to save the clone of drive c:?

The ideal place would be on another HD altogether, or failing that it is possible to keep the Acronis backup file on one or more DVDs.

Then this clone of drive c: can be "Restored" to the new 320G HD

Once that is done the new HD will work exactly as the original Drive C: does, without the clicks!

The act of restoration wipes all before it on the target drive which is why it is no use storing the backup on the target drive.

It is a doddle if you can beg borrow or steal another HD for the time it takes to backup the origninal to the borrowed drive, and then restore to the new HD

  crosstrainer 15:58 16 Jun 2008

As Diemmess say's Acronis TI 11 is the way to go.

  awest3 16:21 16 Jun 2008

Thanks for your suggestions,

I have acronis 11 so no problem there, I also have an external drive which I take acronis backups to on a fortnightly basis. I take it that I have to do as I said in my original post and that is to clone c to external drive, move all the data off the e drive to external drive, recover the c backup to the e drive, remove the c drive from the machine, 'does the e drive automatically become the c drive at this point?, boot up and copy the data from the external drive back onto the new c drive..?

I take it theres no software which allows two clones to be merged back to one drive..?


  awest3 09:44 18 Jun 2008

anyone else got a view on this..?


  Diemmess 17:51 18 Jun 2008

No way to merge, when the second restoration will overwrite the first!

Back to how best to clone the whole of the present drive c: to a new drive.

You do need 3 HDs
Make another Acronis backup (full and verified) to the HD where you have been keeping backups.

Now take ailing C: out of computer....
Replace with a new HD, this will be your new C: (jumper as master or csl)

Mount the HD with the backup (tib) files as either secondary or slave jumper setting inside the computer.
You can put this drive in the Ext case (set as Master).

Now BOOT with the Acronis CD in the slot and follow the prompts carefully.

Doing it this way will avoid any confusion with drive letters and the reboot at the end (without the CD) should bring the system bootup as "normal"

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