Need to load Win2000 on external drive

  Lee12 04:45 10 Jan 2008

Hi, I have an external HDD connected to my computer by USB. My PC already has WinXP. I do not want to have a dual boot on one hard drive.
So the question is; How do I load Win2000 to the external drive?

  brundle 09:42 10 Jan 2008

Simpler to run it in a virtual machine if your PC is reasonably powerful.
click here

Keep the virtual hd file on the external drive instead.

Unless you /need/ a non-virtual version of course

  JanetO 11:43 10 Jan 2008

That's neat, brundle, but I don't think it supports w2k yet.

Depending on your bios (ie; Dell can't do it) you may find hooking up your external hd as slave then installing w2k may be the easiest option.

  Lee12 15:43 10 Jan 2008

How is this going to help me install Win2000 to my external HDD?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 10 Jan 2008

How do I load Win2000 to the external drive?

You can't install from the CD, windows 2k will not recognise the external drive to load to.

You could possibly try to copy the CD to the external drive and then run setup from the i386 folder on that drive and tell XP to load to to the drive letter of the external drive.

If you do not want to dual oot from the one hard drive your PC must beable to boot from a USB source if you want to use that drive.

  Diemmess 18:25 10 Jan 2008

An alternative which hasn't been mentioned so far is a caddy, tray or carrier system.
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This involves buying a couple of these things and then each HD can be mounted in one and slipped home in the computer when you want to change from say XP to 2000.

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