need a little advise please

  User-312386 20:31 04 Jul 2003

Hi all

Just learning about rotating banners in front page 2003

I just want people to tell me how long the front page of my site takes to load click here with the rotating banners

many thanks


  phil 21:26 04 Jul 2003

Errr...What rotating banners?

  User-312386 21:30 04 Jul 2003

it is when the picture on my front page (or what ever page you like) changes after every visit(or a refresh)


  phil 21:30 04 Jul 2003

Just had a look at your code and apart from being almost in decipherable (what did you use?) you have a lot of code repeated at the end that appears to be on your local hard drive.

A thorough inspection is in order methinks.

  powerless 21:34 04 Jul 2003

OK, the pictures do change.

  phil 21:34 04 Jul 2003


I've just refreshed it about 10 times and seen about 3 pics. The first time you see a pic it's slow but then the next time it's slightly faster.

I'm on broadband so on a modem it may take a little longer.

  User-312386 22:04 04 Jul 2003

the "almost decipherable" is the buttons which i made

  User-312386 23:14 04 Jul 2003

many thanks

  Forum Editor 23:45 04 Jul 2003

can see code that refers to your hard drive file location.

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