Need a link to get a Driver for : -

  freaky 19:26 09 Feb 2007

I have a new external 160GB USB Toshiba HD, evidently the drive in it is a Wester Digital Caviar.

I want to find if there is a driver for it, but have searched the internet and cannot find their site. I am using Windows XP (SP2).

Can anybody help please ?

  brundle 19:28 09 Feb 2007

XP shouldn't need a driver - is it not working properly in some way?

  Stuartli 19:35 09 Feb 2007

You won't need a driver as such for the drive.

The Western Digital website is very easily discovered:

click here

where you will find helpful software and technical advice.

  freaky 20:25 09 Feb 2007

The reason for my thread is as follows: -

a)Bought the drive last week
b)It works OK if I switch it on AFTER booting the PC

c)If I switch it on, then boot, the PC will not complete the boot process.

d)Posted this problem on the forum last week, got a number of replies but no solution.

Windows XP has assigned a driver, and the drive functions 100% provided it is turned on After booting the PC.

Am still trying to find out why the PC will not boot when it's on, so thought it needs a different driver. Any suggestions please ?

  freaky 21:00 11 Feb 2007

I would have thought that with all the knowledgeable people on this forum, nobody is prepared to offer a possible solution.

  Mark5001 22:27 11 Feb 2007

Silly maybe but have you checked that it is not set to be a master drive? Also in my BIOS there is an entry to allow boot from external devices. This may be in yours and thus treats the external drive as a master, causing a conflict.

  Kate B 22:31 11 Feb 2007

I think Mark is on to something - Windows might be trying to boot from your external hdd.

  freaky 10:42 12 Feb 2007

Many thanks, something constructive at last.

I paused the bootup and the following message was displayed at the foot of the page: -

" Auto-Detecting USB Mass Storage Device"

"Device #01 :WDC 00B-22 0UCO *HiSpeed*

"01 USB Mass Storage Device found and configured".

Does the above message help ?


  bremner 10:57 12 Feb 2007

That is to be expected.

You need to go to the BIOS - look for message saying press F2 or Del for setup.

In there go to the Boot Tab and ensure that your internal HDD is before the external USB HDD int he boot sequence.

  freaky 11:15 12 Feb 2007

I will check the BIOS later today when that PC is being used.

To check the BIOS Boot Tab settings sequence, do I do that when the external HD is powered on or off ?

  bremner 11:22 12 Feb 2007

On - if it is off it will not show up in the boot sequence.

As has been suggested above, it seems likely that when you are booting the PC with the external drive connected and on, the BIOS is automatically putting it as the first boot device hence why the computer fails to boot.

If you want the device plugged in and on during boot up then you will have to change the boot sequence. You could of course just choose to only switch it on once the machine has booted - then there will be no problem.

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