Need a lil help on passwords for website

  Wizz198303 06:44 01 Jan 2004

What i would like is to make a website with pages exclusive to members only, but still allow non-member to look around other pages without being stopped.
I have Macromedia Studio MX that comes with Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and also have Cold Fusion along with Extention Manager (borrowed it all of a friend). Iv notice coldfusion has a step by step guide on password security, but also read that flash does too. But i feel more comfortable using Dreamweaver and importing the "Flash/Fusion" code over, but not sure how to do that either.

If anyone can help me out with sorting out a password access system or can make sense of the above and give me a nice easy answer to it, for me id be very happy.

  Taran 08:57 01 Jan 2004

The fact that you "borrowed it all of a friend" means that you are using the software illegally so you're off to a bad start, all things considered.

Cold Fusion is a wonderful system, but you will have several problems to contend with from the outset if you want to use it. These include the actual cost of Cold Fusion web hosting, finding a host that offers it to begin with, leanring to code it (although it is possibly one of the easiest of the dynamic languages to pick up) and successfully publishing it so that the whole lot works.

Most web hosts offer PHP and CGI support as a matter of course, or ASP support if you have a Windows hosted site, so it would make sense up to a point to use one of the those options since the likelihood is that you already have one or more of them available to you.

However, about the easiest way of password protecting one or more pages of your site and giving levels of permission based on log in is to use a small gem of a program. It's called CoffeeCup Password Wizard click here and you can download a working free trial to use then buy it if you want to continue using it.

There's a half price sale on for CoffeeCup software at the moment so you can get it, and their other products, for next to nothing and they are worth every penny. It is the simplest solution I know of and is very effective.



  Wizz198303 17:50 07 Jan 2004

and it aint pirated, its trial software

  dodicesimo 21:42 07 Jan 2004

But have you ever tried to register and pay for the product using a UK credit card??! Despite some excellent live chat sort of help, even Coffee Cup can't resolve an incompatibility with my card billing address. This is caused by their system bunging the words "international" between the city and postcode. Which then bounces my address back to me as not recognised! Because, surprise, surprise, the word "international" doesn't appear in my real address. Hey ho!

  Maurellis 23:43 07 Jan 2004

Why no use a free cgi script hosting service such as click here
Register with them for free and they will host your password protected area for free. It's really easy to set up.

  dodicesimo 15:26 09 Jan 2004

Bravenet do offer this service but I've yet to see a Bravenet free product that doesn't come without advertising - which in fairness is why they can offer these goodies for nothing.

I don't have third-party advertising on any of my sites - ever - which is why I wanted to buy Coffee Cup's product. In the meantime, I've found an ad-free service available [url=click here Fire]HERE[/url]

  Taran 15:48 09 Jan 2004

You can get any number of JavaScripts for password protection on web pages or directoris of your web page. While they aren't the most secure method to use, they are more than secure enough for the vast majority of use.

If that is not enough, as long as your web host allows you to run custom CGI scripts or supports PHP or ASP you can configure a log in system from any one of a number of script sources online or, if you want to, you can code up your own.

The trouble with most scripts is that they are not terribly easy to use or set up and giving the file and/or folders on your web the necessary execute permissions sometimes trips people up. Those that are really simple to use are normally linked to various advertising sites a la Bravenet and, let's face it, Bravenet wouldn't be very sensible if they offered everyone free forms, polls, guestbooks, passowrd protection and so on. How would they cover their operating costs ?

CoffeeCup Password Wizard is about the simplest and certainly one of the most effective solutions I have ever seen. It is dead easy to use, you can try it for free and it is cheap enough to buy that you won't be smarting from it.

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