oo7juk 23:03 01 Jun 2003


I installed a game on my PC after selecting to run the game the following error message appeared.

Might be my video card, need confirmation though.

The error read'Cannot create Hardware Vertex Processing'

Many thanks.

  Ironman556 00:25 02 Jun 2003

Sounds to me like it doesn't support vertex processing.

You could try the new drivers from the manufacturer's website, but I don't think it will make a difference, unless the game's looking for a newer version you've not got installed.

What's the graphics card and operating system?

  Derek 06:34 02 Jun 2003

Did you know that to write your message in capitals means...YOUR SHOUTING !
None of us are deaf ?

  oo7juk 20:20 02 Jun 2003

It's a Nvidia Riva TNT2 model 64 with 32mb of memory with a pci connection. My OS is windows Xp home edition.

Many thanks.

  powerless 22:49 02 Jun 2003

That paticuliar card if i remember does not have Vertex and pixel shaders.

It's too old.

You could try updating your drivers click here

  Ironman556 23:25 02 Jun 2003

If you like gaming, then for about the price of 2 games (~£60) you could buy a GF4 MX, which should give you the power to play newer games. Check your system spec first though.

  oo7juk 22:28 03 Jun 2003

Thanks Powerless, I did download that driver, but still no luck,cheers.

Ironman, looks like I'm getting a new graphics card. Done some research earlier and found that if I want a good card I will need to get a new motherboard, not to worry. Read the reviews on the Radeon 9700 pro, sounds like a top card, just need to make sure the mobo I get is compatable.Thanks for help, any advise on mobo or graphics cards would be great,thanks again.

  Ironman556 23:10 03 Jun 2003

If you want a card a bit cheaper, have a look at the new Radeon 9600 Pro's, they support DX9, not sure if the 9700 Pro's do or not (they may only support 8.1). You'd probably be best to steer clear of the Geforce FX's unless you go top of the range. The Ti4200 is better value for money than the lower end FX.

New mobo probably means new CPU and new RAM. Have a look at the bundles/upgrades on click here some quite good deals.

  rins36 23:33 03 Jun 2003

I thought using capital letters was the same as shouting on a posting/forum...........maybe I am wrong

  rins36 23:36 03 Jun 2003

Oops another roasting 4 me on here as I have said the same as Derek did on this post

Oh well I guess I can live with it!

  powerless 00:41 04 Jun 2003

"Read the reviews on the Radeon 9700 pro, sounds like a top card, just need to make sure the mobo I get is compatable"

You wont know whats hit you with haivng that card.

Also the power supply unit has to be up to it, 300+ watts.

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