Need IT products suppliers 22:44 07 Feb 2012

Big hello to you all ,

I want to establish a reselling business for PC and digital aplliances , and not sure where to find some good suplliers with good prices . I am looking to be an online resller , so my suppliers should be able to provide me with products at good prices to make a profit out of them .

Any advice on that or ideas would much appreciated .


  wfulton_2121 11:13 08 Feb 2012

good question! I have wondered this for a long time and asked the question for a long time but never got anywhere!

good luck!

  Ian in Northampton 11:21 08 Feb 2012

From memory, if you look in the 'job lots' section of eBay, there's generally a number of people claiming to have extensive lists of the kind of suppliers you're looking for.

  spuds 11:47 08 Feb 2012

Isn't something to do with a Korean company, or at least there seems to be a website indicating this?.

The only suggestion that I would make, is do a simple internet search for 'drop shipping', and the companies providing wholesale and commission through that.

  Ian in Northampton 12:18 08 Feb 2012

This is the kind of thing I meant: 13:35 08 Feb 2012

wfulton_2121, many thanks for your wishes and will add any result that i may get from other serach places .

Thanks Ian for that idea , I will try it for sure !

spuds, I did not know that my dusplay name related to any korean company , Do you think I can claim the ownership of that company ?? just kiding , han is thae first 3 letters of my name , and net as I used to work in IT before .

Lots of thanks !

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